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Josie James #2


“For you to find the Velvet Knife, you must solve the riddles thrice.” A mysterious hooded figure, known only as the Velvet Knife has appeared in the cursed village of Suncroft. No one knows who he is or what he wants but when he starts leaving riddles around the village, it is time for Josie to return to Suncroft for a second time.

With Asher, her faithful husky Protector by her side, Filan, a half elf, and her great grandad, will they be able to solve the clues in time and discover his identity? The Velvet Knife is not the only one causing problems for Josie. Her rival for the position of the ‘Chosen One’ continues to grow stronger, and now he has a Protector of his own.

What does all this mean for Josie? Is she destined to lift the wintery curse of Suncroft or will another take her place as the ‘Chosen One’?




Cover Reveal

Thank you, Lily Mae Walters and Rachel’s Random Resources


About the author

Lily Mae Walters chose her pen name in honour of her beloved grandparents who also stare in the Josie James series.

She is married with two teenage children, and two huskies that are the inspiration behind Murphy and Asher in the books.

Lily Mae lives in Nuneaton, England and finds herself using local  places and even her old school in her stories.

Family and friends mean the world to Lily Mae and many will find themselves popping up throughout the series.

Lily Mae also writes for adults under the name of Florence Keeling.

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Josie James and The Teardrops of Summer by Lily Mae Walters / #CoverReveal #BlogTour @rararesources @LilyMaeWalters1



Josie James #1


Josie James is an ordinary 13 year old until something extraordinary happens during her summer holidays.Whilst staying at her Great Grandmother’s cottage in the country she finds herself swept into the cursed world of Suncroft where it is perpetual winter.Her new friends believe she could be the Chosen One who it is foretold will lift the curse, but there are more pressing matters.

The Teardrops of Summer – magical crystals that render the owner immortal – have been stolen. Along with her telepathic husky-dog Protector Asher and her new friends, Josie must race to find the Teardrops and prevent catastrophe for their world.



Cover Reveal

Thank you, Lily Mae Walters and Rachel’s Random Resources


About the author

Lily Mae Walters chose her pen name in honour of her beloved grandparents who also stare in the Josie James series.

She is married with two teenage children, and two huskies that are the inspiration behind Murphy and Asher in the books.

Lily Mae lives in Nuneaton, England and finds herself using local  places and even her old school in her stories.

Family and friends mean the world to Lily Mae and many will find themselves popping up throughout the series.

Lily Mae also writes for adults under the name of Florence Keeling.

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The Warrior Knight and the Widow by Ella Matthews / #Interview #MiniBlogBlitz @rararesources @ellamattauthor



Protected by The Beast

Undone by the man

Racing cross-country pursued by danger, widow Lady Ellena Swein isn’t pleased to be taken back to her father’s castle. But with his knight Sir Braedan Leofric, also known as The Beast, as her captor, she has little choice! Ellena is surprised by his honourable and protective nature, even if she shouldn’t trust him. And when all seems to conspire against them, Braedan’s secret could either extinguish the spark between them or make it burn brighter.




– When and where do you prefer to write?

I would love to be able to write every day from about 10am until 2pm in my study but it’s not to be. I have a full-time job and two young children and so I write in my lunch break, with a pad of paper on my lap or in bed at the end of the day with my laptop or while I’m in the car waiting to pick up members of my family. It’s a case of wherever I can, whenever I can.

– Do you have a certain ritual?

I’m not sure whether this counts but at the start of every writing session I read what I‘ve done the time before, even if it’s just a sentence or a chapter. It helps get me back into the story.

– Is there a drink of some food that keeps you company while you write?

Well, I’ve promised my kids that I’ve given up Pepsi Max because it’s so bad for me but I do occasionally sneak it into the house and drink it while I’m writing. Otherwise I’m fairly boring. Because I’m so pressed for time I tend to write as fast as I can without taking a break.

– What is your favourite book?

This is a very difficult question! I have so many favourites that it’s difficult to pick one. If I had to pick one on pain of death I would choose Mary Stewart’s Nine Coaches Waiting. It has the perfect blend of adventure, mystery and romance and the hero was the first fictional character I ever fell in love with when I was twelve years old.

– Do you consider writing a different genre in the future?

At the moment I’m really enjoying writing historical romance. I love researching it and imagining what it must have been like to live in a castle. I have written five cosy crime novels that have been published by My Weekly Pocket Novels. I have also started writing a romantic comedy and I’d love to finish that someday.

– Do you sometimes base your characters on people you know?

I don’t think I do. I may take a physical aspect and use that. For example, the heroine in the novel I’m writing at the moment has the same colour hair as my daughter, a sort-of golden brown. A mother that appeared in my novels had the same dressing gown as my own mum. Apart from that sort of thing I tend to make everything up.

– Do you take a notebook everywhere in order to write down ideas that pop up?

Instead of a notebook I take a few pages of whatever manuscript I’m working on with me wherever I go. That way, if, for example, my husband makes an unexpected stop at a DIY shop I can work on developing whatever scene I have in my bag.

– Which genre do you not like at all?

 I love reading and if I don’t have a book I’ll happily read the back of a cereal box. There is no genre I won’t consider reading although I do read a lot more romance than I do military history!

– If you had the chance to co-write a book. Whom would it be with?

This is another very hard question! I’ve got a lot of writer friends with whom it would be an absolute joy to co-write a book. If I was picking someone I don’t know then I would probably go for Jo Watson, who writes the funniest romantic comedies I’ve ever read and from who I’d love to learn.

– If you should travel to a foreign country to do research, which one would you chose and why?

This one is easy! I really enjoy walking around ancient buildings and imagining what it would have been like to live and work there. I’ve been to Pompeii, which was a fascinating place to immerse yourself in Roman culture and a fantastic place for an author to visit to get the imagination flowing. I’d like to go back there and see it again. I’d also like to visit Rome, where I’ve never been but I imagine I would love as much as Pompeii.

Thank you, Ella Matthews and Rachel’s Random Resources


About the author

Ella Matthews lives and works in beautiful South Wales. When not thinking about handsome heroes she can be found walking along the coast with her husband and their two children (probably still thinking about heroes but at least pretending to be interested in everyone else).


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How to Carry Fire by Christina Thatcher / #GuestPost #BlogTour @kenyon_isabelle @parthianbooks @writetoempower



How to Carry Fire was born from the ashes of family addiction. Beginning with the burning down of her childhood home, Thatcher explores how fire can both destroy and cleanse.
Her work recognises embers everywhere: in farmhouses, heroin needles, poisonous salamanders.
Thatcher reveals how fire is internalised and disclosed through anxiety, addiction, passion and love. Underneath and among the flames runs the American and Welsh landscapes – locations which, like fire itself, offer up experiences which mesmerise, burn and purify. This poignant second collection reminds us of how the most dangerous and volatile fires can forge us – even long after the flames have died down.



Guest Post

The Landscape(s) of Home in How to Carry Fire

A Guest Post by Christina Thatcher

In an essay for Geography, Owen Sheers says: ‘I fell in love with landscape long before I fell in love with poetry’. This was true for me as well. I grew up on a horse farm in eastern Pennsylvania. I didn’t travel as a child so the bigness of the world seemed to be contained within that farm: the front pasture where horses would trot alongside cars as they entered, the L-shaped paddock with its oblong water trough and bat-filled shed, the back field which required a leap over a stream and an uphill scramble. The arteries of the barn reached out farther too — first into the riding ring where we practiced our equitation and, then, into the woods where we rode for pleasure. These trails were our gateways to the rushing creek, the swimming hole, the iron bridge, the jumping logs and much more. When I was young, everything in the world felt like it led back to the heart of the barn.



As I became a stronger rider I was allowed to venture further, off our Ottsville property, to places like Lake Nockamixon and the Bucks County Horse Park. I only ever went this far with my Mom, her eyes peeled for tractors and cars, for anything that might spook our horses. Fear and danger felt much more quantifiable then, linked only to things we could easily name, spot and avoid. There was never talk on the farm of crime or climate crisis, of epidemics or politics. This is not to say that these things didn’t exist; of course they did. It is just that I was never really aware of them as a child, too distracted by the rapid pulse of this place. For me, fear only seemed to rear up within and around the borders of our farm.

My world grew bigger slowly. When I started school, my parents, brother and I moved to the ranch house my grandfather built in the nearby borough of Doylestown. We settled in there with my grandmother; this was a house of three generations. As I grew up, I began to feel like home was liminal: it was somewhere between both these places. It was the drive between Doylestown and Ottsville. It was the changing landscape – the moment when shops gave way to fields. Then, after the Doylestown house burnt down, home became even more intangible.

After the house was consumed by fire, the plot – or rather, what was left of it – was sold to developers. Before any construction began, I drove to see the land again and stared down the drive to the empty space where my home used to be. Although I still had the barn, I felt like half of my heart had gone up in flames.



In her short essay, ‘Poetry: The Question of Home’, Meena Alexander talks about her early beliefs ‘that in order to be a real writer, I would have to had grown up in just one place, one dear perpetual place.’ Most of my life, home had been two – the barn and the ranch house – which I moved between like blood moving from the heart to the fingertips. With one of my homes gone, it seemed natural that when I moved to Wales I would set to work building a new home for myself.

The poems of How to Carry Fire attempt, in part, to chronicle this transition, speaking to both the American landscapes I left and to the Welsh landscapes I discovered. Although this collection is split into two sections, which are roughly aligned to these two different countries, the homes call to each other across the divide through dreams and memories. Like Meena, I started to understand that my ‘home’ was ‘always a little bit beyond reach, a place both real and imagined, longed for, yet marked perpetually as an elsewhere, brightly lit, vanishing.’

I will always be a person of two places – the barn and the ranch house, America and Wales – and this collection explores what it means to live with a home, and a heart, which reaches across the world.

Thank you, Christina Thatcher and Fly On The Wall Poetry Tours


About the author

Christina Thatcher won the Black Lion Poetry Competition in 2019, was a winner in the Terry Hetherington Award for Young Writers in 2016 and was shortlisted for the Bare Fiction Debut Poetry Collection Competition in 2015. Her first collection, More than you were, was published by Parthian Books in 2017 and was named a Poetry School Book of the Year. Her poetry and short stories have featured in over fifty publications including The London Magazine, Planet Magazine, And Other Poems, Acumen and The Interpreter’s House. She lives in Cardiff and works as a Creative Writing Lecturer at Cardiff Metropolitan University.


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The Garden Of Lost Memories by Ruby Hummingbird / #Review #BooksOnTour @bookouture @HummingbirdRuby



Just because you feel ordinary doesn’t mean you aren’t extraordinary to someone else.

Sixty-two-year-old Elsie knows what she likes. Custard creams at four o’clock, jigsaw puzzles with a thousand pieces, her ivy-covered, lavender-scented garden.

Ten-year-old Billy would rather spend his Saturdays kicking a ball, or watching TV, or anything really, other than being babysat by his grumpy neighbour Elsie and being force fed custard creams.

If it was up to them, they’d have nothing to do with each other. Unfortunately, you can’t choose who you live next door to.

But there is always more to people than meets the eye…

Elsie doesn’t know that Billy’s afraid to go to school now, or why his mother woke him up in the middle of the night with an urgent shake, bags already packed, ready to flee their home.

Billy doesn’t know that the rusting red tin he finds buried in Elsie’s treasured garden is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode her carefully organised life. And that when he digs it up, he is unearthing a secret that has lain dormant for twenty-eight years…




Children often don’t like to spend time with older people who don’t really have experience with the young ones. They think those adults are odd and are stuck in some strange routines.

The older people on the other hand find the youngsters too irresponsible, too wild and fear for their lovely possessions they cherish because they often hold sweet memories.

Once they start to spend more time together and get to know each other though, they learn to adapt. It’s not as easy as one-two-three and there certainly are discussions, but when the friendship blooms, they can be overcome.

This is a beautiful book about friendship and love between two very different people. They learn to trust each other and confide in each other. You have to let go of the past in order to have a bright future, but first you have to get rid of those skeletons in your closet. 

Those are not the only emotions the author puts the spotlight on. She throws a lot more into the mix and ends up with a very touching story. 4 stars.

Thank you, Ruby Hummingbird and Bookouture


About the author

Ruby Hummingbird is a novelist based in the English countryside. She loves nothing more than writing uplifting and heartwarming fiction that gets her readers reaching for the tissues. When she isn’t storytelling, she can be found tending to her beloved sunflowers or sipping on hazelnut lattes.  


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Clover Cottage by Christie Barlow / #Review #BlogTour @rararesources @ChristieJBarlow 



Love Heart Lane #3

Love Heart Lane – where friends are there for you no matter what.

When Vet Rory Scott inherits ramshackle Clover Cottage in the quaint village of Heartcross, Allie MacDonald just knows this is their happy ever after. A place to call home with the man she loves – it’s her dream come true!

Until Rory drops a bombshell. He loves Allie but he has dreams of his own to follow – to live and work in Africa. Clover Cottage will have to wait just a little longer…

Allie can’t imagine life without Rory, but she loves him too much to hold him back. And as he embarks on his adventure, Allie begins to rethink her own plans. She loves Rory and knows she wants him in her life, but maybe she can follow her own dreams too?

And always there, nestled in the beautiful village of Heartcross, surrounded by the people she loves, will be the place that will always bring them back to each other. Their forever home, Clover Cottage




Heartcross, the village you never want to leave! Why is that, I hear you say? Well, that’s very simple. The community is great. No matter which generation you are part of, whenever someone is in need, the whole village joins hands to help out.

But they do not only look after their ‘own’. Once you are accepted by the villagers, you become part of their ‘family’ and thus making you one of their ‘own’.

The author has created a heartwarming story once again. This time the spotlight is more on Allie, Rory and their family, but we still connect with old acquintances and meet new kids on the block. Some are welcomed with open arms, some not so. 🙂

Not all is well, though. The author manages to pull your heartstrings in more than one way. 

The last few pages really brought tears to my eyes. It was so utterly beautiful! I can’t wait to see what the future has in store.

Anyway, it’s a book every fan of this genre should read. On second thoughts, strike that previous sentence and replace it by this one : Anyway it’s a SERIES that every fan of this genre should read. 🙂 5 big, bright shiny stars.

Thank you, Christie Barlow and Rachel’s Random Resources


About the author

Christie Barlow is the international bestselling author of A Year in the Life of a Playground Mother, The Misadventures of a Playground Mother, Kitty’s Countryside Dream, Lizzie’s Christmas Escape, Evie’s Year of Taking Chances, The Cosy Canal Boat Dream, A Home at Honeysuckle Farm, Love Heart Lane and Foxglove Farm. Her writing career came as somewhat a surprise when she decided to write a book to teach her children a valuable life lesson and show them that they are capable of achieving their dreams. The book she wrote to prove a point is now a #1 bestseller in the UK, USA, Canada & Australia.

Christie is an ambassador for @ZuriProject raising money/awareness and engaging with impoverished people in Uganda through organisations to improve their well-being.


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Vengeance by Jennie Dorny / #CoverReveal #BlogTour @LoveBooksGroup @jenniedornyauthor



Hybrids #2

Caught in a web of murder and vengeance, Theo must outsmart the Spylady to save her new friends. 

Imprisoned in a male appearance, can Nand survive deportation without losing herself?

Forced to leave Eridan after her mental battle with Keith of Rain Forest, Theo travels to Earth Metropolis with SpaceSS agent Jack Finch. When Jack is arrested for murdering his husband, Farren, Theo’s plans for a new future collapse.

To impress Declan, Nand face-changes into her cousin’s appearance on the day of the Face Changer Assembly. But her moment of triumph turns into a nightmare when Keith launches an attack against the Face Changers.

Deported to Gambling Nova, the federal prison, with Ashta and a few Face Changers, will Declan be strong enough to overcome his guilt in order to help Nand keep her male appearance and safeguard Eridan’s future?

Convinced that Farren is still alive, Theo must outsmart the Spylady if she wants to get Jack released from the penitentiary and find Farren’s whereabouts. Yet when Sheer, the Savalwomen leader, orders her to rescue the Face Changers, Theo faces a new challenge: is she ready to return to Gambling Nova? And risk her life?



Cover Reveal

Thank you, Jennie Dorny and Love Books Group


About the author

Jennie Dorny was born in 1960 in Newton, Massachusetts. She lives and works in Paris with her three cats. She is both French and American. She studied American literature and civilization, Italian and history of art at three Parisian universities. She wrote her Master’s thesis about contemporary Irish poetry after spending a year in Dublin. She loves words and languages, and she can spend hours exploring a thesaurus. Over the years, she has studied Spanish, Japanese, Hindi and sign language, and recently took up Italian again. She has published in French Gambling Nova (1999), Eridan (2002) and Les Cupidons sont tombés sur la tête (Mischievous Cupids gone Crazy, 2007). Gambling Nova and Eridan are partial, earlier versions of Hybrids; science-fiction novels that in many ways deal with the question of gender.

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Redeeming the Reclusive Earl by Virginia Heath / #GuestPost #PublicationDayPush @rararesources @VirginiaHeath_



His heart is a fortress… And she’s trespassing!
After losing all he holds dear in a horrific fire, Max Aldersley, Earl of Rivenhall, shuns the world—until he catches Effie Nithercott digging holes on his estate! He banishes the intrepid archaeologist and the unsettled feelings she rouses within him. But she returns even more determined and infuriatingly desirable than before! He wonders just how deep she’s prepared to dig—so far she’ll reach the man beneath his scars?



Guest Post

Social Distancing Regency Style

By Virginia Heath

Hi and thanks for hosting me today. These are certainly strange and difficult times and as I type this I am stuck indoors as the government have ordered social distancing measures here in London. I’ve got to be honest and say I’m finding the restrictions difficult because writing can be such a solitary profession, I really look forward to my usually daily trip out.

That said, I also feel a little invaded because I like to write in peaceful silence and thanks to my husband now having to work from home until the measures are lifted, and my son home again too because they have closed his university, actual silence is thin on the ground. So talking about REDEEMING THE RECLUSIVE EARL today on release day is strangely ironic because social distancing and invasion are key themes of the book!

Physically and mentally scarred from a horrific fire, and languishing in a pit of despair, my hero Max is trying to hide from the world at his newly inherited estate Rivenhall Abbey. He’d be happy never to see or speak to another soul again.

Unfortunately for Max, that isolation is constantly invaded by intrepid and slightly odd local archaeologist Effie, who has spent the last few years excavating the grounds of Rivenhall and has no intention of stopping anytime soon. On the cusp of an amazing discovery Max banishes her from his land so she resorts to digging by lamplight through the night to thwart him.

Over time, they agree an uneasy truce which blossoms into an unlikely friendship and then the real fun begins. Because Effie is a force of nature with big ambitions for her work and Max finds himself dragged reluctantly kicking and screaming back into the world…

Thank you, Virginia Heath and Rachel’s Random Resources


About the author

When Virginia Heath was a little girl it took her ages to fall asleep, so she made up stories in her head to help pass the time while she was staring at the ceiling. As she got older, the stories became more complicated, sometimes taking weeks to get to the happy ending. Then one day, she decided to embrace the insomnia and start writing them down. Despite that, it still takes her forever to fall asleep.


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East Side Hustler by Leopold Borstinski / #Extract #BlogTour @damppebbles @borstinski



Alex Cohen #2

Alex lived through the war, but will he survive the peace?

Jewish gang member, Alex comes back from the Great War almost destroyed by the horrors he has seen. When he is plucked from certain death by an old friend, he commits to making so much money he’ll never know that agony again.

But the route to the top is fraught with danger and every time he helps one of his powerful friends like Al Capone, he acquires more enemies who want to see him dead. When organised crime financier, Arnold Rothstein dies, the turmoil caused by his loss sets in train a chain of events which means Alex must once more fight for his life. How far would you go to attain your American dream?

The second book in the Alex Cohen series is a violent historical novel, which tears through the Prohibition years of the Jewish New York mob. Leopold Borstinski’s gripping crime noir pierces the heart of every reader like a bullet from Alex’s sniper rifle.




They stopped when they arrived at Marvyn’s tenement and almost without thinking, he invited Alex inside. By the time they reached the fifth floor Alex was out of breath. He might be on the mend but he had not yet fully recovered. He rested, leaning on a wall, as Marvyn brought him a glass of water.

“Do you think I could sit down for a short while?”

Marvyn led him inside and he slumped onto a dining room chair. While he regained his composure, Alex used the time to look around. The place was the usual mix of cheap furniture and screaming children, who were old enough to sew but still too young to keep quiet in the evening when adults were talking.

Near the kitchen door stood his wife, one baby clasped to her hip, peering round the doorway at the stranger in her home. He smiled and walked over to make a fuss of the little ’un in her arms.

“You haven’t introduced us, Marvyn. I’m Alex—and you are…?”

”…Rachel, and this is Samuel.”

Without a word, Alex reached his arms out and Rachel placed Samuel in his care. Alex bounced the boy up and down until he gurgled playfully. Within two minutes he’d put the babe down. Samuel was too young to scuttle off by himself and remained on the floorboards where Alex had rested him.

He shoved his hands in his pants pockets and looked embarrassed to be surrounded by such an adorable family. An instant later, he pulled out a shiv, grabbed Rachel by the wrist and planted an arm around her torso. The blade stood ready, an inch away from her throat.

“Now I have your attention, Marvyn, it’s time for you to hear my terms.”

“You misunderstood how this all works. As you can see, I hold your family’s life in my hands and you thought you should shake me down for fifty bucks a month.”

Marvyn’s eyes darted from Alex to Rachel and back again. He gulped hard but remained silent.

“So this is what we will do. You send everyone to return to work tomorrow. As a sign of appreciation I will not kill your wife or your children.”

Marvyn swallowed again and licked his lips while Rachel carried on whimpering. Alex stared straight at Marvyn.

“If you do this for me, I shall ensure that Clinemann gets the machines repaired and I will look to getting your members a better rate of pay. I am sure

he will see reason. But that is all that will happen. Your workers’ lives will be improved because you have told me that is important to you.”

To emphasize his point, Alex pushed his blade close to Rachel’s throat, all the while staring at Marvyn.

“The only outstanding matter is that your family is clearly not safe; look at what you have allowed to happen here.”

A tear rolled out of Marvyn’s eye and he rubbed it away.

“You must get some insurance to protect yourself.”


“Yes, you will need to pay me to ensure your family stays safe. How you secure the fee is up to you. Pay it from your own pocket or raise your members’ dues. I don’t care. If you don’t settle with me, harm will inevitably befall your kin. Give me my money and they live to a ripe old age. The choice is yours.”

Marvyn nodded consent and Alex relaxed his grip on Rachel who felt as though she was about to crumple onto the floor. The knife remained by her throat because Alex couldn’t be certain Marvyn wouldn’t try something stupid. The pathetic lump of humanity before him showed no signs of being dangerous, but Alex knew how quickly calm situations can turn into bloody mayhem—in France or in the Lower East Side.

Alex lowered his knife hand and kept his other on Rachel in case of need.

“Stay where you are and I shall let go of her. Do you understand?”

A nod from Marvyn and yet another whimper from his wife. All the time, the kids were playing or simply gurgling on the floor as though everything was completely normal. They ignored the adult world this evening as they did any other night.

Twenty seconds later and Rachel grabbed their youngest in her arms and hustled the children into the bedroom where they remained, door shut.

“I shall leave you to decide what is an appropriate amount to pay each month to keep your family from harm. Naturally, if the sum ever falls short of what is needed…”

“…then you’ll hurt them.”

“You understand completely. Make the first instalment tomorrow morning. You’ll find me at the Mercury. You can provide the second payment six weeks later and monthly thereafter without fail.”

Alex called goodbye to Rachel, but all he achieved was to make her cry again. He shrugged and left the Beck apartment.

Thank you, Leopold Borstinski: and Damppebbles Blog Tours


About the author

Leopold Borstinski is an independent author whose past careers have included financial journalism, business management of financial software companies, consulting and product sales and marketing, as well as teaching.

There is nothing he likes better so he does as much nothing as he possibly can. He has travelled extensively in Europe and the US and has visited Asia on several occasions. Leopold holds a Philosophy degree and tries not to drop it too often.

He lives near London and is married with one wife, one child and no pets.


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Of Grief, Garlic and Gratitude, by Kris Francoeur / #SpotlightPost #BlogBlitz @RRBookTours1 @KFAnnaBelleRos



When your life is shattered in an instant, can conscious and deliberate gratitude and connection to nature help you find joy and hope again?

Of Grief, Garlic and Gratitude follows the first thirty months after Sam Francoeur’s death from an accidental opiate (prescription) overdose. His mother, Kris Francoeur, shares her journey from the first crushing days to her eventually being able to find light, joy, and hope again through the practices of conscious and deliberate gratitude, unconditional acceptance of others, and making strong connections to the natural world. Her story helps grieving families feel that hope and joy will return, no matter how devastating and permanent the loss. Of Grief, Garlic and Gratitude approaches grief with both a very clear understanding of the realities of the process, and also shares a very personal and honest account of living with grief. It presents healing and hope without relying on religion, formal psychotherapy, or pharmaceutical resources. Kris’s story reminds readers that even as people struggle with

mental health issues and addiction, they can still bring joy and love to the world, and everyone is worthy of love and acceptance.



Spotlight Post

Thank you, Kris Francoeur and R&R Book Tours


About the author

My name is Kris Francoeur, and I am an author, educator, speaker, wife, mom, grandmother, and farmer living in Vermont. I love to spend time with my family, travel, hike, kayak, knit, spin (fiber), garden, cook, and love time with my bees, alpacas and chickens.

Currently, I have published three romance novels with Solstice Publishing, and have one that will be released by Willow River Press in January 2020. My first three romances are written under the pen name of Anna Belle Rose, and they can be purchased in paperback format through my Book Store page on this website, or in e-book or paperback on Amazon.


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