Scott family short stories – Amanda Paull

Let’s Dance 

She’s helping out a friend. His dad’s hip’s gone. Could a farcical mix-up lead to love? Ballroom dancing is the last thing Laura wants to try. But her best friend is desperate to meet a hip-swinging Adonis, so before she knows it, Laura is cha cha cha-ing in the back of the Dog and Duck with nerdy Ben. At least no one else need ever find out. No such luck. Her mother is armed with a social media page and dangerous. The shenanigans begin. What a pity Ben’s now looking rather dapper. Will he scarper? Or is Ben made of sterner stuff? If you like innocent, laugh-out-loud family mayhem, you’ll love Let’s Dance, the first Scott Family.



My review

The story starts very normal, but the more you get to know the Scott family, the weirder, crazier and funnier it gets. Somehow they remind me of ‘Married with children’.

It goes without a doubt that you love them, because they are your family. But how will other people react when introduced to them? Will they stay or run for the hills?

A witty short story that makes you laugh but also secretly thank the Lord that you are not in Laura’s shoes.


A Christmas Day Kerfuffle

A blooming romance. A trapped poodle. Can their relationship survive the madness? After a shaky start, Laura and Ben are now getting along great. So much so that Laura dares to invite him for a Christmas Day brunch with her family. As the good tidings commence, a horrifying discovery is made. Freddie, the family poodle, is trapped. Will the ensuing biblical scale mayhem sound the death knell for Laura and Ben’s budding romance? Or is he just a glutton for punishment?



My review

It seems that love can conquer a lot and Ben was not put off by the Laura’s entourage.

It’s now Christmas day, a time for a peaceful celebration or …? Of course not! Never a dull moment with the Scotts.

This story will also put a smile on your face. The author knows exactly how to describe everything in order to make you able to visualize every detail as if you are sitting on the first row in the theater.


Fenella’s Fabulous Fountain Fondue

It’s the day of the party. Laura and Ben are in love. But could a posh marshmallow put the kibosh on their relationship? They’ve survived Scott Family mayhem twice so far, and now Laura and Ben’s relationship is rock solid. They are having a wonderful time at the Grand Hotel, relaxing in the spa and putting the final touches to Ben’s mother’s 85th birthday party preparations. It’s all going to plan. Fenella loves her party. The two families get along fabulously. It’s a marvellous do. What could possibly go wrong



My review

Who does not love a party in a posh hotel? And is this not the ideal situation for both Laura’s en Ben’s families to meet? Sure it is, or maybe not when your last name is Scott … On the other hand, they might be on their best behaviour today …

Accidents to happen, don’t they? Unfortunately, it looks like Ben is at the end of his tether. Is this the end of what could have been a fairy tale?


This was the last part in the series. All three of them were very entertaining and easy reads. 4 stars.

Thank you, Amanda Paull and RachelsRandomResources.


About the author

Amanda Paull is a writer of humorous romantic fiction. She lives in the North East of England with her husband and works in the public sector. The inspiration for her stories comes from real life, which she tries to show the funnier side of by embellishing to the hilt.

Amanda’s Website: Social Media Links – Twitter: Facebook:





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