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If you think photos aren’t important… wait until they’re all you have left of your child.

Your life isn’t perfect, but you’re still happy. Your husband has stuck by you and he’s a good dad. Your daughter Becca makes your heart explode with love.

And then, in the time it takes to say ‘bad mother’, there’s no longer a place for you in your own family. Your right to see your child has disappeared.

Life goes on in your house – family dinners, missing socks and evening baths – but you aren’t there anymore. Becca may be tucked up in bed in Rose Cottage, but she is as lost to you as if she had been snatched from under your nose.

Everyone knows you deserve this, for you what you did. Except you’re starting to realize that things maybe aren’t how you thought they were, and your husband isn’t who you thought he was either. That the truths you’ve been so diligently punishing yourself for are built on sand, and the daughter you have lost has been unfairly taken from you. Wouldn’t that be more than any mother could bear?



My review

My first book by this author and that means you do not really know what to expect. It always add a bit to the exitement. 🙂

The story takes place now but the author treats us to flashbacks in order to make us understand everything better.

It’s not a thriller but that does not mean that there is no suspense in this book. You are eager to know what has lead to the situations the main characters are in at the moment.

Of course we are only human and we are bound to make mistakes. Who does not regret something they have done? But some mistakes have such an impact that the life as you knew it goes down the drain and it will be impossible to ever get it back.

On the other hand sometimes you are just a pawn in the game someone else plays. When they are too ashamed to admit it, it’s you who gets the short end of the stick.

Don’t forget that what goes up, must come down sooner or later …

An emotional story about loss, love, friendship, lies and betrayal. 4 stars.

Thank you, Ali Mercer, Bookouture and Netgalley.


About the author

Ali decided she wanted to be a writer early on and wrote her first novel when she was at primary school. She did an English degree and spent her early twenties working in various jobs in journalism, including as a reporter for the showbusiness newspaper The Stage. She started writing fiction in earnest after getting married, moving out of London to the Oxfordshire market town of Abingdon and starting a family. She has two children, a daughter and a son who is autistic and was diagnosed when he was four years old.
Ali is fascinated by families, their myths and secrets, and the forces that hold them together, split them up and (sometimes) bring them back together again. She always travels with tissues and a book and has been known to cry over a good story, but is also a big fan of the hopeful ending.


Author Social Media Links:

For updates and pictures, follow Ali on Twitter (@AlisonLMercer) or Instagram (@alimercerwriter), or on her Facebook page (AliMercerwriter)



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