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Buddy’s wonderer is sent spinning the day his Grand-pa tells him about the Humundo Sorterium. He’d always thought babies were made by storks & now Grand-pa is saying they’re made in this… machine.Well of course the only way to be certain is to go on an adventure and find out for himself. He waits for Grand-pa to fall asleep, packs some jam sandwiches and heads for the watering hole to find a stork to confirm his Grand-pa’s story. Along the way he meets Handsome Henry a stork who tells the tale of how babies used to be individual, created by nature and delivered by storks; however now they are made in batches by a baby making machine in a factory. The Humundo Sorterium is less concerned with individuality and more concerned with the efficiency and productivity of the factory. Henry and Buddy journey to the factory, working together to overcome some obstacles along the way. Raven gatekeeper Madame Megan and her army of clockwork crows try to stop them in their tracks, but with some quick thinking and teamwork they make it to the factory. Together they try to overthrow Baroness Von Adlevine and destroy The Humundo Sorterium once and for all. But of course, things are not as straight forward as they had hoped.





Did you ever stop to wonder,

How you came to be that shape?

Are you moulded out of plasticine,

Or held with sellotape?

Is there string upon your fingers,

That moves them as they do?

Is your hair sewn in with cotton,

Or just stuck up there with glue?

Are there hinges in your elbows.

Are there hinges in your knees?

Are your toes in fact 10 soldiers,

Who were told to stand at ease?

Well if you have been asking,

All those questions in your head.

I suspect you’ll be delighted,

With the pages up ahead.

And I bet you’re probably thinking,

“Well I was made quite naturally”.

And if that’s true, well lucky you,

But I can say quite factually.

The humundos of Abblegrin,

Were never born but actually,

Designed and manufactured at…

The Humundo Sorterium

Baby making factory.

Thank you, Daniel Thompson and Random Things Tours.


About the author

The Humundo Sorterium will be the second book brought to you by author Daniel Thompson and illustrator Connor Edwards. Following on from the success of The Christmas Tale of Elaine Gale this is another 5000(ish) word story written entirely in rhyme about a young boy’s adventure to the ‘Humundo Sorterium’ Baby Making Factory.

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