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When ex-Delta Force operator Jack Ford receives a letter containing news of a daughter he never knew he had, he feels compelled to return to China, a country he hasn’t visited since 1989 when, as a young American spy, he fell in love with a beautiful student activist and found himself caught up in the horrors of the Tiananmen Square massacre. But why has Xia got in touch now, after a thirty-year silence?

On arrival in Beijing, Jack finds himself accidentally in possession of an explosive piece of information both the Chinese and American governments are desperate to get their hands on. Alone in a strange city, suspected of being a traitor by his own side, not knowing whom to trust, Jack is faced with an impossible dilemma: should he save his new-found daughter or prevent a new world war from breaking out?



Guest Post



It has been over fifteen years since, born of frustration at the lack of availability of picture books with Asian content and with a bit of time on my hands, I began the ‘Sasha’ series. Since then I’ve written everything from picture books featuring Asian endangered animals, to children’s novels about growing up in Malaysia, to the Inspector Singh crime series. The single thread or explanation for my writing choices has been the desire to write content that reflects the reality of life in this part of the world (Asia) to help fix that sense of alienation from books that I felt growing up because none of the heroes looked like me.

It is therefore hugely ironic to me that I decided to try my hand at an international global thriller featuring a white male protagonist with the task of averting World War Three on his hands. For most of my writing life, it did not seem credible for middle-aged, slightly overweight, Malaysian Indian woman to write about a man who is able kill people with his bare hands!

Why did I do it? As someone obsessed with politics I am deeply concerned that the current trajectory of international affairs with Trump at the helm in the USA and an increasingly powerful Xi Jinping in China could lead to a breakdown of the social order. There are far too many flashpoints, North Korea, trade, South China Sea, Taiwan, and insufficient cool heads in the global arena. The antagonistic relationship between China and the US reminds me very much of the Cold War between the US and USSR back in the day but I feel that the similarities and dangers have not been aired in fiction or absorbed into the global discourse. The only thing I can do in the circumstances, is what I have always done, write a book! So far, I haven’t managed to make a difference, but hope springs eternal!

Thank you, Shamini Flint and Love Books Group Tours.


About the author

Shamini Flint is a lawyer, writer, environmentalist, businesswoman and tiger mum

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