Since We Were Friends – Zoe Haslie / #Review @ZoeHaslieAuthor

Sixteen-year-old Regan Clark only longs for the summer camp trip her dad takes her and her three brothers in each year. But everything changes when the unimaginable happens—her best friend, and acquired fourth brother, Harper, turns into a big cheat and she gets cast aside.
So when school starts again, Regan finds herself friendless, struggling with soccer practice and on the verge of failing math. On top of that, Harper’s own issues lead him to move in with the Clarks, which makes it impossible to hide all the bad blood between them. 
But meeting Sophie changes everything, for Regan’s introduced to the strange world of girls she’s been missing out until now. And, much to her dismay, she soon finds out what hurts the most about losing her best friend—to be secretly in love with him.



My review

Well, this is a book I enjoyed thouroughly!. Let me explain why.

The author has such a nice and fluent writing style. It makes it a very easy read.

The story itself is wonderful. It’s about young love and the author paints the picture perfectly. On the one hand the characters are young, having fun, inventing pranks and dealing with the typical young adults problems. On the other hand they are very mature. 

It has made me smile and it has pulled my heartstrings too. It’s about family, friends, taking responsabilities and love. 

It’s a YA book but this not so young adult was utterly charmed by it. 5 stars well deserved.

Thank you, Zoe Haslie


About the author

My name is Zøe Haslie, I am a YA Contemporary aspiring author, book lover, reviewer and blogger.

Besides literature, I love cats, travelling, eating desserts, and watching TV shows and movies, although not necessarily in that oder!


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