Dragons in the Clouds by David Blair / #Interview @daveblr77

‘Dragons in the Clouds” is a epic adventure that takes place during a time period when Dragons were alive and freely roamed the land. The people during this time were getting eaten by a vicious species of Dragons. The ruling King finally orders the total annilation of all living dragons. A powerful wizard, named Merlinus, who is a friend to the king, does not agree with the Kings order, for Merlinus knows all Dragons are not what they seem. So he does what he must to protect a family of Dragons that he had befriended. And to protect his Dragon friends, Melinus performs the spell of weightlessness and tells the Dragons to fly up and to hide in the cover of the Clouds. He then gives the Dragons strict instruction to live within the clouds and to only come down at night to eat. An apprentice to the wizard who has grandeur of his own has a plan for Dragons that he has hidden deep within a mountain cavern. Now enters a young boy, who had also befriended a dragon, though a very young one, suddenly find themselves caught between the Kings order and a battle that has begun between two species of Dragons. A battle that would determine control of the skies above the Kingdom of Albian. This Apprentice’s plan has consequences that may bring the Kingdom and perhaps the very world we live in today to an devastating end.




Which character would you like to be in this book?

I most relate to Sir Solomon, the First Royal Knight to the King of Albion. He is a mans man. Proud, brave, honorable, loyal, a fierce fighter. Sir Solomon would lay down his life for others

Do you always take a book/erader wherever you go?

Well, I use my laptop for reading . And I carry it everywhere. Gee, I feel old.

Say someone asks if they can use your name in a book. Would you rather be the ‘good one’ or the ‘bad one’?

The bad guy of course. Way more fun, action, thrills,

Do you prefer to read/write standalones or series?

For me, I do prefer the stand alone novel. It depends on the quality of the story though. Even in a series, a side story with a ending adds to the overall main event.

Where can I find you when you are reading?

In a quiet room

Where can I find you when you are not writing/reading?

The great outdoors, travelling.

Can you walk past a bookstore without going inside?

I do stop and pause, see what are displayed in the windows.

What are you most proud of?

My novel, ‘’Dragons in the Clouds’’. I did supervise the production of a CGI film called ‘’Dwegons and Leprechauns’’ But writing your own novel and then receiving 5 star reviews… Is truly rewarding.

What goes through your mind when you hold your new book in your hands for the first time?

A feeling of accomplishment, “Finally”. Rewriting and editing makes you wonder if it will ever be finished.

What piece of advice would you give to aspiring writers?

To never give up, try to be as original as possible. Make your characters as related able as possible, and to make your character arch a main driving force in all your stories


Thank you, David Blair.


About the author

I am the creator and writer of the original story, ”Dragons in the Clouds” My most favorite and influential writer would be Rod Sterling, of the fame television show ”The Twilight Zone”. Also Charles Dickens, ”A Christmas Carol” to this day has a place in my heart. I was captivated watching that show. All my work has a paranormal feel too it. I recently worked as a production supervisor for EnterAktion Studios. I started my story telling at the young age of 14. A student film called ”Destination Destiny”. I am so grateful to have this opportunity .


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Amazon US : https://www.amazon.com/Dragons-Clouds-David-Blair-ebook/dp/B07KCQ8173/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=dragons+in+the+clouds+by+david+blair&qid=1573447484&sr=8-1

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