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Three friends …

Growing up together around Winston Churchill’s estate in Westerham, Kent, Frank, Florence and Hilda are inseparable. But as WW2 casts its menacing shadow, friendships between the three grow complex, and Frank – now employed as Churchill’s bricklayer – makes choices that will haunt him beyond the grave, impacting his grandson’s life too.

Two Secrets …

Shortly after Frank’s death in 2002 Florence writes to Richard, Frank’s grandson, hinting at the darkness hidden within his family. On investigation, disturbing secrets come to light, including a pivotal encounter between Frank and Churchill during the war and the existence of a mysterious relative in a psychiatric hospital.

One Hidden Life …

How much more does Florence dare reveal about Frank – and herself – and is Richard ready to hear?

Set against the stunning backdrop of Chartwell, Churchill’s country home, comes a tragic story of misguided honour, thwarted love and redemption, reverberating through three generations and nine decades.

Publication Date: 23rd March



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About the author

Jules Hayes lives in Berkshire with her husband, daughter and a dog. She has a degree in modern history and holds a particular interest in events and characters from the early 20th century. As a former physiotherapist and trainer – old habits die hard – when not writing Jules likes to run. She also loves to watch films, read good novels and is a voracious consumer of non-fiction too, particularly biographies.

Jules is currently working on her second historical novel, another dual timeline story.

Jules also writes contemporary thriller and speculative fiction as JA Corrigan.


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The Gossips’ Choice by Dr Sara Read / #CoverReveal #BlogTour @LoveBooksGroup @saralread



“Call The Midwife for the 17th Century” 

Lucie Smith is a respected midwife who is married to Jacob, the town apothecary. They live happily together at the shop with the sign of the Three Doves. But sixteen-sixty-five proves a troublesome year for the couple. Lucie is called to a birth at the local Manor House and Jacob objects to her involvement with their former opponents in the English Civil Wars. Their only-surviving son Simon flees plague-ridden London for his country hometown, only to argue with his father. Lucie also has to manage her husband’s fury at the news of their loyal housemaid’s unplanned pregnancy and its repercussions.

The year draws to a close with the first-ever accusation of malpractice against Lucie, which could see her lose her midwifery licence, or even face ex-communication.



Cover Reveal

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About the author

Dr Sara Read is a lecturer in English at Loughborough University. Her research is in the cultural representations of women, bodies and health in the early modern era. 

She has published widely in this area with her first book Menstruation and the Female Body in Early Modern England being published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2013.

She is a member of the organising committee of the Women’s Studies Group, 1558-1837 and recently co-edited a special collection produced to celebrate the group’s 30th anniversary. 

She is also the co-editor of the popular Early Modern Medicine blog. With founding editor Dr Jennifer Evans, Sara wrote a book about health and disease in this era Maladies and Medicine: Exploring Health and Healing, 1540-1740 (Pen and Sword 2017). 

Sara regularly writes for history magazines such as Discover Your Ancestors and History Today. In 2017 she published an article ‘My Ancestor was a Midwife’ tracing the history of the midwifery profession for Who Do You Think You Are? magazine in 2017. She has appeared on BBC Radio 3’s Freethinking programme and is often to be heard on BBC Radio Leicester and BBC Radio WM.


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Feasible Living by Ken Kroes / #Extract #BlogTour @RABTBookTours @ken_kroes



No matter which way we turn today, trends like pollution, climate change, and the 4th Industrial Revolution are impacting the ecosystems that you and I live in.

The thrust of the book is to bring awareness to major global trends that we are facing and to give suggestions on how to adapt and prepare for them.

Topics covered include mental health, physical health, employment and lifestyle, social impact, and emergency readiness.

There is an emphasis on mentoring our youth who are especially impacted by both the anxiety that these trends raise and their direct impacts.




Ecological anxiety is a serious issue and can lead to a variety of physical and mental health issues including depression and a general feeling of hopelessness. It can also drive us to a behavior that is not in our best interest: doing nothing. The problems that our planet is facing are real. They are impacting us right now and will only get more extreme as time goes on. By not acting now to safeguard yourself, you will only make the situation worse for you and your loved ones.

Now is the time to decide how far you are willing to go to set yourself up for success and to reduce the impact the trends will have on you and your family.

Thank you, Ken Kroes and RABT Book Tours


About the author

Ken Kroes is the author of the Percipience Eco-Fiction Series and the non-fiction books, Feasible Planet and Feasible Living. He is passionate about our relationship with our planet and applies his diverse background which includes agriculture, mechanical engineering and information systems into his writing. Born in Calgary, Canada he has bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and has had the pleasure of living in many locations in North America and has traveled extensively.


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The Ross Duology – Georgia Rose / #Extract #BlogTour @AnAudiobookworm @GeorgiaRoseBook



Parallel Lies – Book #1

A woman with a hidden past. A new love on the horizon. Will the truth set her free or cost her everything?

Madeleine Ross has meticulously organized her world to leave no trace of her criminal past. After creating a new identity for herself, her only remaining connection to her previous life is the security work she does for a small-town insurance company. But when she starts falling for her handsome boss, Dan, she’s worried letting him in will expose secrets best kept locked away….

As their attraction grows stronger, Madeline’s attempts to keep Dan in the dark go horribly wrong when a dangerous ex emerges from her unsavory past. After her former flame gives her an offer she can’t refuse, she has one choice left: ditch her life as a thief to let Dan in or embrace her shady dealings to destroy her only shot at a happy future….



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Loving Vengeance – Book #2

A woman with a troubled past. A new love hanging in the balance. Will an unexpected visitor strengthen her resolve or destroy the life she’s trying to build?

Madeleine’s world, once so organised, is a mess. Suffering the fallout from the mistakes she made with Tag, she has no idea where she stands with Daniel. Are they only friends or is there still a chance for something more?

Enter James – cool, calm and calculated. A stranger, she thinks. But he knows her, and he comes with an opportunity she can’t refuse, involving an enemy she’d tried to forget. At first keen to return to her past, Madeleine soon realises it’s not only the gang that’s changed, and battles her own demons as well as an unpredictable villain.

Can Daniel step up when he’s needed? Or will it be James who rides in to the rescue? Because when things go badly for Madeleine, and all hope seems lost, there is only one who can save the day. And only one who can bring more to the task than merely himself.



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About the author

Georgia Rose is a product of rural England and the countryside setting is the theme running through her books. She loves strong characters and finds developing them incredibly satisfying. 

Instructing and working with horses has provided the knowledge needed for some of her storylines and these can come from a fragment of conversation, via Georgia’s not so surreptitious people watching or most often from her overactive imagination.

Georgia’s busy life is set in a tranquil part of rural Cambridgeshire in the UK where she lives with her much neglected husband and dog.

She loves afternoon tea, the way the word loquacious rolls off the tongue and she sincerely believes inanimate objects have feelings.

She does not care for clowns or kites and can’t understand why adding salt to caramel is seen as a good thing.

She also hates every photo ever taken of her…


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Living Candles by Teodora Matei / #CoverReveal #BlogTour @LoveBooksGroup @TeoMatei2 @CorylusB



The discovery of a woman close to death in a city basement sends Bucharest police officers Anton Iordan and Sorin Matache on a complex chase through the city as they seek to identify the victim. As they try to track down the would-be murderer, they find a macabre trail of missing women and they realise that this isn’t the first time the killer has struck. Iordan and Matache hit one dead end after another, until they decide they’ll have to take a chance that could prove deadly.



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The Rip by Mark Brandi / #Extract #BlogTour @Legend_Press @mb_randi



A young woman living on the street has to keep her wits about her. Or her friends. But when the drugs kick in that can be hard. Anton has been looking out for her. She was safe with him. But then Steve came along. He had something over Anton. Must have. But he had a flat they could crash in. And gear in his pocket. And she can’t stop thinking about it. A good hit makes everything all right. But the flat smells weird. There’s a lock on Steve’s bedroom door. And the guy is intense. The problem is, sometimes you just don’t know you are in too deep, until you are drowning.




Now, where were we?
You tell me.
We were talking about what was found in your room.
You were talking about it.
Some sort of chemical, right?
No idea.
You don’t know what it is?
Was in your room, you know.
It’s not a big room.
I know that.
Stinks something terrible.
My room?
The chemical.
Didn’t really notice.
How’d it get there?
Dunno. Already there, I spose.
In the room?
Yep. When I moved in.
Which was when?
Couple of months back.
Never thought to ask what it was?
Why would I?
Well, forensics are looking at it now.
We’ll get the answer, one way or another.
If you say so.

Back to the girl then.
What about her?
Care to tell us what happened?
Already told ya.
We’ve just checked those places, mate. No record.
Dunno then. Must be a mistake.
No mistake.
No kidding.
CCTV is coming. Should have it in the next hour.
Well, you can see where this is heading, can’t ya?
No idea.
Look, mate, accidents happen.
That’s true.
We’re not here to judge.
Fair enough.
So why don’t you just tell us, yeah? What happened?



Anton wakes me. He’s always first up in the morning. A real early riser.
‘Getting up?’
‘Piss off,’ I say.
He lies down beside me, like he’s trying to spoon me. But
not in a sexual way or anything. He’s not like that, Anton.
Never tried anything on me, which is good.
‘You were back late last night,’ he says.
I can feel his breath on my neck.
‘C’mon. Sun’s shining, birds are singing.’
I pull the sleeping bag up over my head.
‘C’mon,’ he says, and pulls it back down.
‘Rack off.’
He laughs and starts tickling me, which he knows I
can’t stand. It’s like bloody torture, but I kind of love it too.
I start wriggling, and Sunny comes in and he’s licking my
face, and I realise it’s all pretty much no use. I sit up slowly.
It’s cold, and I keep the sleeping bag up to my chin with
one hand. My bra strap is digging in something fierce, so I
reach up under my t-shirt.
Anton smiles. He has pretty good teeth compared to most
in the park – a bit yellow, but none missing or busted.
He waves around one of those squeegee things, like the
window washers use. ‘Look at this, will ya?’ he says, tilting
it to the light. ‘Our ticket to fame and fortune.’
He starts laughing, but it becomes a cough pretty quick.
‘Where’d you get it?’
‘Servo on Victoria Street. One with the 7-Eleven.’ He pats
Sunny, coughs again. ‘C’mon, know a good spot. Easy money.’
‘C’mon. If we get there by peak hour, we’ll smash it.’
I can see he’s had a bit of a wash under the tap, because
his hair is wet and slicked back a bit. He reckons he’s the bees
knees, looks-wise. He told me once how girls used to say he
looked like Dave Navarro from the Red Hot Chili Peppers,
but I reckon he probably made that up. I know the Red Hot
Chili Peppers, but I don’t know which one Dave Navarro is.
I did like that ‘Under the Bridge’ song, though.
I need a piss something terrible, so I put Sunny on the rope.
The toilets at the park are pretty crap and stink a bit. They have
one of those stainless steel mirrors that’s scratched to shit. I
suppose it isn’t glass so teenagers can’t break it, but a steel
mirror is pretty pointless. At least they clean the joint every
couple of days, and the women’s ones are pretty quiet mostly.
But not so much on the weekends, because that’s when the
parents come with their kids and do the whole happy families
thing with barbecues and frisbees and all that.
Anton reckons he needs a piss too. He doesn’t like using the
men’s ones so much, because he reckons they’re a beat. That’s
where guys meet sometimes to jerk each other off and give
blowjobs and that kind of stuff. He isn’t into that sort of thing,
which is fair enough, though I wonder how he knows about it.
I get Anton to wait outside with Sunny. It isn’t like Sunny
will run away or anything, but I’m worried that someone
might nick him.
I put toilet paper on the seat, which is something I’ve
always done. And not just in public toilets either. It’s just more
hygienic, I reckon, and it feels better on your arse. Especially
when it’s cold. I don’t know why more people don’t do it.
After, I wash my hands carefully and the water is nice and
cool on my skin. I put my mouth under the tap and have a long
drink. It tastes a bit metallic and I need to get a toothbrush
something terrible – it’s been ages.
Anton calls out, ‘Hurry up, will ya?’
‘Yep, all right.’
I have a look at myself in the mirror, but I can’t see much
because, besides being scratched, it’s a bit warped – almost
like something from a carnival.
Probably just as well.

* * *

Anton says we should go to Victoria Street, because there
are like eight lanes there, and we’re sure to make some cash.
‘What am I supposed to do?’ I say.
‘Keep me company. And keep an eye out for the cops. You
can get the water too, if you want.’
He doesn’t have a bucket or anything, so he fishes an
empty water bottle out of a bin. It’s one of those ones with
the funny top, so you can squeeze it out.
‘What about detergent?’
He looks at me all stunned, wide-eyed, like he hasn’t even
thought of it.
‘Don’t need it,’ he says. ‘Water’s enough.’
That doesn’t sound right, so I’m guessing he’s never
actually done window washing before. I mean, it isn’t like
something you need training for, but detergent seems pretty
‘You know what you’re doing?’ I say.
‘Yeah. Used to be a shearer, remember?’
‘What’s that got to do with it?’
He shrugs.
Anton had told me soon after I met him about how he used
to be a shearer. That was why he was used to getting up early
– a routine that kind of stuck. But he got in a bad fight once,
which is why he went to jail. And when he got out, he had no
one. All of that’s true, he says.
He’s not on the gear or nothing, just booze and pills mostly.
Fentanyl or Endone. Hillbilly Heroin, some people call it. And
he smokes.
Here’s the thing with smokes – and this is completely
bizarre – they’ve gotten really expensive. Worse than being
on the gear, which is pretty mental if you think about it. I’ve
never been into smoking much. Bit of dope, but that used to
make me paranoid. Full on. Especially on the bong.
Anton points over to the tram shelter. ‘You wait there. I’ll
let you know when I need more water.’
‘Where am I gonna get it?’
He frowns and gives me this look, which is like – that’s
your job.
A lot of people just wave him off at first. So I tell him he
has to give them ‘the free one’. That’s what Mick – who was
this old hippy who stayed at the park (he’s dead now) – that’s
what he used to do. He used to give them ‘the free one’, and
then some of them would feel guilty and give him some coins.
He used to do pretty well out of it, and always had plenty of
good gear. Which was actually what killed him in the end.
Anton tries ‘the free one’, and he starts getting money
probably two out of three times. I add it up and I reckon we
have about thirty bucks so far, which isn’t too bad.
‘Would’ve done better with Eftpos,’ he says. ‘No one has
cash anymore.’
‘Maybe dealers might start taking Eftpos too.’
He laughs.
I find a tap in the garden of this old church, which is right
on the corner of the intersection. I’ve taken Sunny over with
me for a drink. It isn’t that warm or nothing, but he’s panting
like he’s thirsty, and he’s probably getting a bit hungry too.
But before I can even open the tap, I hear Anton yelling
out. I turn around and he’s sprinting across the road like a
mental case.
‘Run!’ he says. ‘For fuck’s sake, run!’
He bolts towards me, eyes like saucers.
Up the road, I see a divvy van flying down the tram tracks
with lights flashing, but no sirens. Maybe one of the drivers
called the cops, which is pretty shitful. Or maybe the cops
were headed somewhere else. I mean, window washing isn’t
the crime of the century or nothing, but Anton has a bad record
so can’t risk getting caught for anything.
Me and Anton and Sunny run behind the church, then
down a lane, and we get behind some houses before we stop
to catch our breath. After a bit, Anton starts laughing.
‘It’s not funny,’ I say.
‘Don’t worry. They won’t come looking for us.’
Still, we wait a while, until we’re sure they’ll be gone.
Turns out Anton dropped the squeegee somewhere when
we were running. We look, but can’t find it. I count up the
money again and it’s $35.40 exactly, which is pretty good. He
gives me half for getting the water, which means I just need
another twenty.
‘How you gonna get it?’ he says.
‘How do you reckon?’
He hesitates, scratches his chin. ‘Want some more then?’
‘So you don’t have to… you know.’
That’s the thing – Anton doesn’t like me turning tricks so
much. He doesn’t even like talking about it. It isn’t like he’s
my boyfriend or anything, or that he’s jealous, but it’s still
pretty obvious he doesn’t like it. It’s probably because he’s
seen some of the trouble it can cause me.
‘I’ll manage,’ I say.

* * *

We go down Victoria Street to the shopping centre, because I
remember I need to get a toothbrush.
‘You wait outside,’ I say.
I give Sunny a pat. ‘Someone has to stay with him.’
I don’t mention it, but there’s also this security bloke who
works in the shopping centre and he’s a bit of a dick. If it’s
just me on my own, I won’t be as likely to get followed. But
with two of us, it looks completely suss.
I head to Aldi because it never seems like they have much
staff working. It’s really bright in there, and I notice how they
don’t have any music playing – which is a bit weird – but I
can’t remember if it’s always like that. Coles and Woolworths
and those places have music on all the time, and it’s nearly
always shit.
I go to the back of the Aldi because that’s where the
toiletries and stuff are. I get a toothbrush – a red one with
soft bristles for my gums – and shove it down the back of
my undies. Suddenly, I need a piss something terrible, which
always seems to happen when I’m nicking something.
There’s a few strange things about Aldi, like the chainsaws
and gym equipment and random stuff they sell sometimes.
Another thing is you can’t get out except by going past one
of the checkouts, so I always pick one which is pretty busy.
There’s one with a Muslim who has a trolley full of stuff
– cans and bottles and all sorts – like she must have twenty
kids or something. A skinny bloke is working the checkout
and looks pretty new, a bit slow and unsure, so I walk around
the Muslim as quick as I can, and the skinny checkout bloke
says, ‘Excuse me’, and I can tell he’s saying it to me, but I
keep walking like I don’t hear him. Which is – so you know
– exactly how you do it.
But then, someone grabs me hard, very hard. Hurting my arm.
‘What you got?’
The security bloke. He smells like aftershave or deodorant
or too much hair gel.
‘Fuck off.’
This probably isn’t the smartest thing to say, but he’s really
hurting my arm.
He grips me harder, smiles, and pulls me in close.
‘Listen, you junkie fuck, if I see you back here again, I’ll
smash your teeth in. Understand?’
He says it rough and hot and breathy in my ear, and slides
his hand up between my legs and squeezes me there. He gets
me so hard it hurts.
I shake loose and run up the escalator, past some teenagers
who are heading up to Daiso to buy some Jap shit. Daiso is
this place that sells everything for $2.80. Anton reckons it’s
almost like getting it for free, but not quite.
The toilets up near Daiso are new and nearly always clean.
It’s all dark grey tile and sparkling chrome. They have one of
those fragrance spray things on the wall, and a fancy Dyson
hand dryer, and I suddenly feel like I need a long hot shower
more than almost anything in the world.
I stop in front of the mirror, which is a proper one this time.
I take off my beanie and my hair is a bit greasy, but not too
bad. My skin looks dry, but no pimples or sores or nothing.
I don’t need to piss anymore, so I get the toothbrush out of
my undies, rinse it under the tap, and give my teeth a good go
until my gums start bleeding.
Even though it hurts, my mouth feels much better after.
I look at myself, then into my eyes for a bit. Probably too
long. And it makes me wonder if my eyes are like what hers
were like.
And I decide they are, that mine are exactly the same colour.
Even if there’s no way I could ever remember.

Thank you, Mark Brandi and Legend Press


About the author

Mark has worked extensively in the justice system, before deciding to write. Originally from Italy, Mark grew up in a rural Australian town. He now lives in Melbourne and is working on his next book. He is the winner of the CWA Debut Dagger and 2018 Indie Debut Fiction Award.


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Why Your Marketing Is Killing Your Business by Minal Sampat / #Extract #BlogTour @RABTBookTours @minalsampatllc



Do you funnel time, resources, and a significant portion of your budget into every marketing platform you can think of, only to see few results? If so, you’re not alone. This common problem is not only frustrating but the complete opposite of business growth. Marketing that doesn’t convert eats away at revenue, leaving your business stagnant. Let it go on for too long, and you’ll quickly find that marketing has killed your business.

Fortunately, there is a way to turn this problem around and get production back on a growth track. Customers who want what your business offers are out there. To find them, you need the right tools and an understanding of how to leverage them. In Why Your Marketing is Killing Your Business and What to Do About It, expert marketing strategist Minal Sampat shares exactly that, illustrating with real-life examples from over ten years of experience working with businesses in multiple industries.

In this easy-to-read, conversational guide, Minal untangles some of the mysteries of the market, including social media platforms, and shares how a few of her clients have achieved real results such as:

  • reducing their marketing budget by $20,000
  • nearly doubling their customer base
  • gaining thousands of online followers and reviews
  • increasing production by 20% even while experiencing a drop in new customers
  • making social media presence the top source of business referrals

Why Your Marketing is Killing Your Business and What to Do About It also includes strategies based on nationwide workshops Minal leads with businesses of all sizes and locations. Just like workshop attendees, business owners can complete these activities and walk away with detailed, custom marketing plans ready for execution.

Your business is more than just your livelihood: it is your passion, your inspiration, and your contribution to the community around you. Your customers recognize this, but only if you are visible and authentic. If you’re ready to start connecting with your ideal customers to launch your business growth pattern, Why Your Marketing is Killing Your Business and What to Do About It has everything you need to begin the journey.




We use smartphones, and even smart homes and cars. Like us, our customers have

more information available to them, and can act on it more quickly, than ever

before. Despite all of this communication, information, and marketing, it is

counterintuitively harder to make a meaningful connection that converts.

What customers today crave is something real. They want to feel something rather

than be pitched to. They want to connect.


About the author

Minal Sampat is a speaker, marketing strategist, and health care professional who launched her first marketing company by breaking a Guinness World Record. She has over a decade of experience helping business owners find success through connection and engagement strategies. A proud member of the National Speaker Association and a world traveler, she lives in Washington State with her husband and an extensive shoe collection. Why Your Marketing is Killing Your Business is her first book.


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The Trouble Girls by E.R. Fallon and K.J. Fallon / #Extract #BlogTour @LoveBooksGroup @MysteryCreator



It’s in her blood…

Camille O’Brien’s father was an Irish gangster who was betrayed and murdered.

Violet McCarthy has inherited control of the Irish mob.

The two women were once friends, but the exposure of the past has made them enemies, and Camille believes that what Violet has should be hers.

Now they must fight against each other as Camille strives to gain control of the mob in any way she can, no matter how brutal, and Violet struggles to keep it.

Love and loyalty are tested as they push each other to the edge.  




A few days later a wake, which Kevin’s mother and father had planned, was held at a funeral home, and Violet and Tommy attended with Catherine. They arrived and parked across the street and outside found a long line of people waiting to pay their respects. On the other side of the street, Violet noticed that every other car was black. They started to wait in the line, but Kevin’s father came out and spotted them and had them cut the line. They met Simone, a plump, attractive woman with tears in her eyes, inside and Violet embraced her. Simone kissed Tommy’s cheek and shook Catherine’s hand.

“Catherine, I haven’t seen you in ages. How are you?” she asked her.

“I’m well, thanks. I’m so sorry for your loss.”

“You’re strong just like your father was at your age,” Simone said to Tommy as she smiled at him. “You’ll be okay.”

Violet knew that Simone was trying to make herself feel better, but she also wanted Tommy to know that it was okay for him to show emotion, so she squeezed his shoulder.

“Joe, Vito, and Billy are already inside,” Simone told Violet. “They’re staying far from the windows because of the photographers outside.”

Joe was the name of the boss of the Alfonsi crime family. The ‘photographers’ was a codeword for the FBI, who often watched mafia funerals to see who attended them and who the current players might be. Violet thought of the black cars parked outside.

Simone and her husband went to greet an older couple who’d entered, and Violet walked with her mother and Tommy into the room where Kevin’s closed coffin rested behind rows of colorful flowers. It looked like a reception would be held in an adjacent room afterwards. The three of them sat down near Camille’s stepfather, Vito, and her ex, Billy, and Violet saw the boss and his wife seated in the row opposite them.

Vito and Billy nodded at her and she smiled, but the boss didn’t see her. After a moment, Violet took a deep breath and took Tommy’s hand and led him to Kevin’s coffin. Catherine followed behind them.

Tommy refused to look despite the coffin being closed and Violet held him as he cried, which she knew wasn’t easy for him because he wasn’t a little boy anymore and public hugs embarrassed him. Violet dried her eyes because seeing Tommy so upset made her emotional.

Thank you, E.R. Fallon K.J. Fallon and Love Books Group


About the authors

Best-selling crime author E.R. Fallon knows well the gritty city streets of which she writes. She studied criminology and was mentored by a leading advocate for the family members of homicide victims. E.R. is currently writing a book about living with autism and also working on her next gangland book, The Trouble Legacy, with her writing partner, KJ.

KJ Fallon is a former reporter with Time magazine who currently works as a freelance writer for numerous media outlets.


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The Lisa Miller Series – Lasairiona E. McMaster / #SpotlightPost #BlogTour @rararesources @QueenofFireLas

Lisa Miller #1 – Intimate Strangers


Is there such a thing as too perfect?

Lisa Millar wasn’t supposed to fall in love with a guy on the Internet. But she did.

Other than living over five thousand miles away in America, AJ Williams is seemingly her perfect match. Strikingly handsome, musically talented, plays hockey and has a typical college-guy life.

In a moment of carpe diem, Lisa flies from Ireland to Alabama to surprise her internet-beau and finds herself face to face with an inconceivable reality that she couldn’t possibly have prepared for.

How well can you truly know someone you meet online?

Will true love win out, or will AJ’s secret life be too much for Lisa to bear? 



Book Links

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UK paperback:


Lisa Miller #2 – The Good in Goodbye


Relationships are complicated. Long distance ones, even more so.

When Lisa Millar met AJ Williams online through mutual friends, she wasn’t prepared to fall in love with the man of her dreams. She was even less prepared to discover that he already had a wife. In a heart-wrenching story of love attempting to transcend miles, Lisa finds herself pregnant and on the wrong side of the Atlantic from the man she loves.

Will their love conquer all? Or will the intricacies of a relationship woven across the Atlantic be too much to take and tear them apart once and for all?

(Warning: This book ends on a cliff hanger)



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Lisa Miller #3 – Fateful Coincidence 


Five thousand miles from her ex, Lisa is living with her decision to call it quits and leave both AJ and Alabama behind. She believes she’s finally ready to put her broken heart back together and move forward with her life as a single woman. But when she meets a seemingly too-good-to-be-true doctor, she feels both unsure of herself and guilty for moving on so quickly from her engagement to AJ. Lisa finds herself at a cross roads, does she give up all hope of ever reconciling with AJ and take a chance on love again with someone new? Or is her heart destined to be forever entwined with the married man she met on the internet?



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Lisa Miller #4 – All of My Days


After a dramatic will-they-won’t-they whirlwind romance – the Williams’ have figured it out, at last! AJ is finally divorced from Britt and Lisa has taken the plunge and moved thousands of miles away from home to live with her new husband and their new-born daughter, Olivia.

Attempting to navigate the waters of being both newlyweds and new parents in their ‘happily ever after’, Lisa and AJ adjust to their new life together in Alabama.

Will AJ ever put his laundry in the laundry basket and not next to it? Will Lisa ever adjust to the land of sweet tea and under-boob sweat? Will their lives forevermore be about poop?



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About the author

Lasairiona McMaster grew up dreaming of an exciting life abroad, and, after graduating from Queens University, Belfast, that is exactly what she did – with her then-boyfriend, now husband of almost ten years. Having recently repatriated to Northern Ireland after a decade abroad spanned over two countries (seven and a half years in America and eighteen months in India), she now finds herself ‘home’, with itchy feet and dreams of her next expatriation. With a penchant for both travelling, and writing, she started a blog during her first relocation to Houston, Texas and, since repatriating to Northern Ireland, has decided to do as everyone has been telling her to do for years, and finally pen a book (or two) and get published while she tries to adjust to the people and place she left ten years ago, where nothing looks the same as it did when she left.


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Sergiu Manta, #2

When investigator Sergiu Manta is handed the investigation into a series of bizarre murders, he can’t sure what he’s getting involved in as he has to work with regular detective Marius Stanescu, who has his own suspicions about the biker he has been told to work with, and wants to get to the truth. The twists and turns of their investigation takes them from the city of Bucharest to the mountains of rural Romania, and back.



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About the author

Romanian writer and journalist



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