Trouble Has Million Dollar Gams by Rory Joe Heynemann / #SpotlightPost #BookBlitz @RABTBookTours



Trouble Has Million Dollar Gams is a collection of comedic short stories as seen from the sepia toned view of Detective Joseph Quincy Kingly.

Do you crave SUSPENSE

Do you seek ACTION

Do you love a MYSTERY

Do you long for ROMANCE

Do you yearn for VIOLENCE

Do you have a lust for GORE


Do you just want to LAUGH?

Detective Joseph Quincy Kingly brings it all in shovels.

Except for the gore. And there’s not much romance. Some mystery. A little violence here and there. The suspense is the time between picking up this book and reading it. So………………………………………….don’t let the suspense continue.



Spotlight Post

Thank you, Rory Joe Heynemann and RABT Book Tours


About the author

Rory Joe Heynemann was born and raised in Western Australia. After studying Creative Writing at Curtin University, Rory moved to the Gold Coast, Queensland, where he resides in Surfers Paradise.


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