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Women are the power species on the planet. Why? Because life force or kundalini flows through women more strongly than in men. The primary aspect of the female person is power. The primary aspect of the male person is love and humility. Somewhere back in time, the roles got switched.

Men in charge have unwittingly created a heavy, inflexible power structure that lurches towards destruction. Now is the time for the woman in all of us to up-end the confusion, unravel the deep-rooted lines of misunderstanding, and make it right.




On the path to delightful power, if someone were to chart your mind state, it would be like a wave, up and down, with a rising median. When you meditate, the downs are not as deep and do not last as long. A proven result of meditation is the ability to change and adapt to new circumstances with minimum stress. You now have the tools to do this.

Breakups happen. Change happens. Growing into your vast, innate power level is about becoming the large wave, not being buried by it.

Practice mindfulness. Then you discover and undo all the ways that repressive old programming about women creeps into your life and your mind and the minds of other women. Try to identify it and toss it out. You may not be able to change others, but you can change yourself.

Thank you, Liz Lewinson and R&R Book Tours


About the Author

LIZ LEWINSON is an award-winning author in biography and Buddhism. Her travels and career in technology and communications have allowed her to observe the inversion of the roles of women and men around the world. She speaks on the topics of women, meditation, and power to students, corporations, and community organizations.


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Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Women-Meditation-Power-Liz-Lewinson/dp/1947811797/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2JWD5DAXC7M6C&keywords=liz+lewinson+women+meditation+and+power&qid=1578324930&sprefix=women+meditation+and+power+%2Caps%2C164&sr=8-1



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