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Book 2: Love Elevated: A Dynamic Experience of Consciousness, Transformation, and Enlightenment

In Service to Love offers a pathway for shifting your awareness from the de-stabilizing chaos of the external world to access the rich inner realm that is your authentic nature. When it is time for you to discover your own purpose and truth, In Service to Love offers a multidimensional body of work that elevates your conscious awareness, catalyzing transformation, and enlightenment, opening the door to create your best life possible. 

Enlightenment, once viewed as unattainable for most, is presented as a natural evolutionary step available now for those who seek to live a life where human nature is integrated with the wisdom and innovative capacity of divine nature. With Darlene Green as modern-day scribe, the contemporary guidance of Masters that comprise the Council of Light is relayed through high-frequency messages, principles, exercises, and palpable presence of Love. 

In Service to Love is an extensive body of work conveyed in three books:

In Service to Love Book 1: Love Remembered
In Service to Love Book 2: Love Elevated
In Service to Love Book 3: Love Now

The rapidly shifting world we live in calls for our best. Rather than looking outside for answers, In Service to Love will gently and consistently direct attention to your inner knowing, developing an adeptness at reaching beyond perceived limitations to the wisdom that is only yours. Informed by essence, we live from our wholeness.

“You experience the evolution of this work with me. What becomes possible is a shift in perspective so complete that the potential exists to become unrecognizable to yourself from a consciousness point of view and, in the process, be so much more of who you are innately. This has certainly been my experience, and it continues to evolve. This is the ultimate expression of authenticity. From the integration of our human nature and our divine nature we access our divine birthright of joy, Love, peace, abundance, freedom, and more. When we release the entanglement of beliefs, habits, and collective consciousness, we discover the edges of our vast, divine essence in light. We can then learn to navigate our expansive capability and be informed by our soul.” —Darlene Green

In Service to Love addresses an imbalance in life experience. The collective consciousness that is pervasive is one that represents old ways of being. Much of the pain within the physical experience reflects the separation that exists in consciousness between who you are, your perceptions, and how you live. You are on the precipice of a new world. One that is in alignment with who you are as a divine expression of God.
The purpose of our divine collaboration is to offer a new way of being that is in alignment with your innate divine expression and allows you to be in the physical experience in a way that is seamless. Meaning that you access all of you, beyond limitations, and live a life that is heart centered, and soul centered. Then, from the stance of your divine nature you hold the light and Love that is you and bring your gifts and light to the world to be the unique expression of Love that you are. —The Council of Light 

Naturally clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient, Darlene has followed the direction of her heart in pursuit of the sacred in life. She has known of her Council from a very early age. After many years of spiritual study and practice, it was with profound events December of 2017 that Darlene was invited by the Council of Light to sit with them daily as scribe, student and member of the Council in creating the body of work that is In Service to Love. The Council of Light is comprised of Masters in light including Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Melchizadek, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael, any many more.



Guest Post

Finding Peace Beyond the Comfort of Normal Life

There is nothing about our current experience that would be identified as normal. We as a global community are brought together in a common cause. We are joined by our compassion for those who have lost loved ones and those that have given so much. We share gratitude for those that continue to stand strong in the face of despair and personal risk. Amid the upheaval of normal, peace may be found and may be the key to moving forward powerfully into the new paradigm of our world. 

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic will be with us for some time. While putting life on pause for quarantine feels like a temporary situation, we may not un-live this time and revert to the way life was. Placing our conscious awareness into choosing how we are being and creating in our life, so we may move forward powerfully, is invaluable as we navigate these uncharted waters. Beneath the necessities of washing our hands, social distancing, and masks is the sense of the incoming tide of a new world paradigm.

If we attach peace to external circumstances we live in reaction to life and the experience of peace will be fleeting. As we bring conscious awareness to our choices, thoughts, and ways of being we can move powerfully in life guided by our own deepest soul-full expression. With our focus turned inward we are less reactionary to external events we cannot control. 

Five Bridges to Peace

  1. Bring Intention to Your Day

Consider peace is a perspective that then generates peace. We may choose to BE peace which is available beyond circumstance. When we intend to generate peace as an expression of our essential-self, life is framed within the experience of peace. The act of choosing declares our intention which allows us to reach into the greatest part of ourselves. 

Our conscious intentions form the lens through which we view life. Left unconscious, we float through scenarios constructed by reaction and our greatest concerns. Choice is a potent action that immediately brings clarity and empowerment. Choose an intention for your day and watch what happens.

Distinct from a to-do list, an intention declares how you will BE in your day. It is your being that informs what you do. Feel the difference between, “Today I will get the report completed.” and, “Today I choose to BE completion.” 

Start every day by declaring your intention. Today I choose to BE peace. Today I choose to BE clarity. Today I chose to BE connection. Today I choose to BE innovation, creativity, resolution, resilience, patience, grace, joy, or Love. When what you choose resonates with your inner-self, notice the presence of peace filtering through your day, just through your act of conscious intention.

  1. BE Present

Focus your awareness in the present moment. We have many layers of clutter that occupy our thoughts. When you choose to be present, events of the past and the weight of expectations for the future are released. As you bring your awareness to the present moment you become available to access your own wisdom and clarity. 

Say to yourself or out loud, “I bring all parts of me present here and now! I bring all parts of me present here and now! I bring all parts of me present here and now!” Take a deep breath. 

  1. Anchor into Your Center

Notice when your thinking is reactionary and when you are feeling off balance. As you leave the stillness of your own center, life experience becomes more stressful and chaotic. With awareness beyond your own center, the prevailing feeling is one of not being able to attain an empowered stance. When you feel out of control consider your awareness is outside of your center point. 

In the same way the outer rings of a hurricane are the most destructive and chaotic, so it is with you when your awareness is not held within your center. In the moments that you notice yourself in the outer rings of your awareness, visualize gently turning around and walking to the stillness of your own center and then take a deep breath.

  1. Lead with Your Heart

It may feel counter intuitive to bring down the walls at a time that demands so much. Consider the walls of separation are a reflection of your own inner separation. As you bring focus to showing up in life from the standpoint of wholeness, your emotional self is honored, encouraged, and given space. Consider you may emerge from this transformational time owning and honoring all parts of yourself. 

Bring thoughtful compassion to every encounter with others and to yourself as well. Allow these challenging times to reveal strengths that are only found through expressing wholeness. Loving fully is a contribution to you, everyone around you and the world. 

  1. BE the Visionary for Your Life

Become inner directed. When you are present and have released expectations around how life should be, you become available to hear your own voice. Being connected with your inner wisdom enables you to live beyond distractions. By being at the helm of your life, informed by your essential-self, there is a natural sense of peace. The experience is one of “settling into yourself,” or you naturally being more of you. Trust that you will emerge into the future with purpose. Lean into the realm of what you don’t know and allow your own brilliance to be revealed. Bringing conscious awareness to your life allows you to distinguish who you are not and who you are authentically. Make new choices that resonate with your soul, revealing your best self. Your soul-full knowing will light your path.

We are living an evolutionary event that calls us to our best. Our human nature struggles to know what is to come and recalibrate into the comfort of normal. By embracing the moment and looking inward for direction we access the innate wisdom of our divine nature. When we choose our own wholeness we are able to weather any storm. Trusting in our own ability to move forward powerfully under any circumstance allows peace to become the canvas upon which we create life.

Thank you, Darlene Green and FSB Associates


About the author

Highly sensitive, an empath, innate healer and teacher, Darlene has been drawn to studies related to healing and discovery of the sacred for over thirty years. Aware of the presence of Jesus and her “Council” at four years of age, clarity and communication has expanded over time, commensurate with her deep inner work. In 2015 at sacred sites in Southern France, Darlene connected powerfully with her Scribe heritage. Profound spiritual events 1 of 3 December, 2017 signaled an invitation by the Masters that comprise the Council of Light for collaboration. The result is the extensive works of In Service to Love, led by the voice and palpable presence of Love.


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