Mrs. P., Your Hair’s On Fire! by Thornton Cline / #Extract #BlogTour @RABTBookTours @thorntoncline @intensepub




Jang consistently bullies his eighth grade science teacher, Mrs. P with mean and annoying pranks; but some of his classmates have had enough. They give Jang a dose of his own medicine with a prank of their own.  Unexpectedly, Jang becomes a hero after he saves Mrs. P’s life, extinguishing a fire in her hair from a chemistry experiment gone wrong. While recovering from her accident, Mrs. P experiences a stroke of good fortune in her life because of an ancient Korean traditional belief that says a person will have good luck if he or she dreams or sees someone with their hair on fire.




At that moment, Jang knew he was in big trouble and Mrs. P. meant business. She was angrier than the queen hornet whose nest had just been knocked down from a tree. Jang decided to free himself from his desk no matter how he had to do it. At the count of three, Jang pushed, pressing his hands as hard as he could against the bottom of his chair. As Jang pushed, he heard the bottom of his pants give way like the sound of fabric tearing.


As Jang stood from his seat, he could feel a breeze sweeping through the massive, gaping hole in his pants in his lower back side. Everyone broke out in side-splitting laughter as Jang sheepishly walked toward Mrs. P.’s desk, holding his hands over his torn pants and trying to cover his bare upper legs. Jang held his head down over the humiliation from his classmates.

“What’s so funny?” Mrs. P. asked.

Thank you, Thornton Cline and RABT Book Tours


About the Author

Ever since his mother signed him up for piano lessons at age five, Thornton Cline has been writing non-stop. With over 1,000 published songs, 150 recorded songs, 32 traditionally published adult, children’s and YA books published, Thornton Cline has been nominated multiple times for Grammy and Dove Awards. In 2017, Cline won a first-place Maxy Literary Award for “Best Children’s Young Adult Book”. Thornton Cline’s books have appeared at the top of the Amazon bestselling charts. Cline has been honored with “Songwriter of the Year” twice-in-a row and has received a platinum award for certified sales of over one million units in Europe.

Cline continues to mentor, speak, teach, and inspire aspiring authors and songwriters around the world. He resides in Hendersonville, Tennessee with his wife, Audrey and their cat, Kiki.. 


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