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Beyond is an immersive, uniquely dynamic and fast-paced novel launched in 2020.

The story takes the readers on a journey to 2279, where 30% of the population elect for Body Freezing yet there is no solution for waking anyone up. Populist pressure to awaken a previous US president to solve global turmoil is met with political and monetary resistance to keep those frozen in a world of limited resources. It’s up to the female leaders at Life Beyond – a London-based company – to tackle these issues in the face of scientific complications, strained egos, and personal struggles.

Let me take you on a journey you’ll never forget…




The earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep The air was charged with anticipation. The hall hummed with unanswered questions. The seats were all filled below a cloud of drones balancing live streaming cameras over their propellers, which frequently clashed against one another. The students salivated at the thought of another rousing debate. Today was a record turnout, fewer had turned up nearly 20 years ago at the outbreak of World War III “should Ivy League students be exempt from Duty?” This was a different call of duty. Every 4 years democracy stands the test in the US. Which president will serve for the greatest honor; the greatest demand; the greatest job in the world? Throughout 2279 several sex scandals, non-fake news and just sheer bad PR had caused not only both leading candidates but also their back-ups and even their back-ups to drop out of the presidential race. The vast dearth of suitable alternatives threw the country into chaos and confusion like flamingos on ice. 

Thank you, Ema Cory and Love Books Group


About the author

Inspired by her engineering roots and investment career, Ema Cory brings unique creativity and perspective to invent an immersive and unforgettable journey for her global audience. 


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