Legend Times launches online Legend Bookshop / @legend_times_


Legend Times, the group of independent publishing companies, has launched the Legend Bookshop (www.legendbookshop.com), its own online bookstore. The website also includes an affiliate service, where readers can sign up and receive £1 from every purchase made through the links they share with their fellow readers.
As well as including a wide-range of fiction, non-fiction, children’s, academic and classic titles from across Legend Times’ lists, customers can make one off purchases or create a monthly subscription. Those who choose to subscribe will receive a 15% discount as well as a new book each month, chosen by them or if preferred selected by the Legend Times team.


In the coming weeks, ebook editions will also be made available to buy through the Legend Bookshop, courtesy of a partnership with Glassboxx, a direct to consumer solution. Discount coupons and other special others will also be available for the online store with the books available individually and included in curated selections to help guide customers.
Tom Chalmers, Managing Director of Legend Times, commented“As for most businesses, this year’s health pandemic has pushed us to focus on and improve our direct offering to customers, an area highlighted by many in publishing as in need of innovation. While we continue to work closely and support our bookselling partners, we wanted to create our own army of ‘Legend Readers’, those who are passionate about our books and telling others about them. Further to this, we created the affiliate scheme to partner with them and ensure everyone benefits from each copy sold.”


About Legend Times

Legend Times is an independent group of publishing companies offering quality platforms for writers. The group includes fiction publisher Legend Press, non-fiction publisher Hero Press, self-publishing company New Generation Publishing and University of Buckingham Press.


Social Media Links
Twitter: @legend_times_
Instagram: @legend_times


Contact Links

Media contact: lucy.chamberlain@legendtimesgroup.co.uk
Rights contact: sarah.nicholson@legendtimesgroup.co.uk
Sales contact: liza.paderes@legendtimesgroup.co.uk

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