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The thought of living in a black-and-white world forever, made Benji Brook and Flo Knightly feel as hollow as the trunk of their favourite tree. It seemed to them, that since the colour had gone, the joy had left the people of Kingswick.But like Grandpa Jo had always said, ‘There’s more to life than what meets the eye.’With their so-called arch enemy, Ozzy Stone, they are thrust into a world between worlds, as they go on the wildest of adventures and come face to face with the shadow beasts of Battlelands. Could it be that this unlikely trio could not only save the stolen children, but restore colour to their black and white world?




The thought of living in black and white forever made them feel as hollow as the tree trunk,
so they stood without speaking. It seemed to them that since the colour had gone, the joy
had left the people of Kingswick too. It was difficult to say if this had gone before the colour
faded or afterwards, but either way, a dark cloud of sadness had covered the town. Most
adults they knew had lost their smiles and walked around as if the entire black-and-white
world was on their shoulders.
Benji and Flo were determined to keep smiling. Even though they were the opposite of each
other in many ways, they went together like black-and-white piano keys. One thing was for
sure, neither of them was ordinary. They were in fact quite exceptional. As Grandpa Brook
had always said, be the splash of colour on the black-and-white canvas of this world. He was
the only adult they knew who had still smiled. There had been a glow about him, and a bit
of colour left in his cheeks, right up until he breathed his last breath.
“Rainbow!” they hooted as a brilliant white butterfly danced between them. They both
loved minibeasts. Rainbow flew close to Benji, hovering in the air then landing on his bare
right shoulder.
“Look,” Benji cried as the butterfly spread her bright white wings to reveal two black tips
and two black spots on each side. The butterfly perched for a second or two, then closed its
wings into a crème arrow and shot away in the direction of the river by Witch Wood.

Thank you, Abigail van Kraay and Love Books Group


About the author

Abigail van Kraay is an author, full-time mum and former high school teacher of English with a Masters in Creative Writing from Manchester Metropolitan University. Abigail is a storyteller, poet, blogger and she loves a good movie. Her passion is to write and be inspired by her travels around the world and exploring the great outdoors with her children. Abigail lives in Wesham, England with her husband Theo and her two sons Noah and Joseph.



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