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She knew any journey to recovery would take months, even years, if ever, but seeing him grovelling for mercy brought to mind not just the failure of this one man, but all the weaknesses of mankind. ‘No one is beyond forgiveness,’ she said.

The partner we no longer trust, the boss we fear, the family member we cannot tolerate. Stories exploring the psychological effect of modern life: a pregnant mother becomes convinced her husband is having an affair and will stop at nothing to get to the truth; a married man is drawn inexorably towards temptation, despite knowing it could cost him his family; a quiet man absorbs increasing pressure and stress, with devastating consequences.

Ordinary people count the cost of ‘just one more thing’.



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Thank you, Dom Haslam and Love Books Group


About the Author

In between his day job, bringing up three children, being run off his feet by a crazy cocker spaniel, listening to Mozart’s D minor piano concerto, perfecting the art of homemade pizzas and studying Ordnance Survey maps of the Yorkshire Moors, Dom likes to write.

Dom lives in the fantastic town of Ilkley in Yorkshire, having arrived there via Bedford, Nottingham and London.

Dom has written two books, So Long, Marianne, a romantic fiction, and Just One More Thing, a book of short stories about greed, obsession and fear.


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Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Zj7gfr

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