Beyond Leaning In: Gender Equity & What Organizations are Up Against by Dr. Melanie Ho / #SpotlightPost @brucemasonjr @melanieho13

In honor of Equal Pay Day (March 24 USA) and Women’s History Month, educator Dr. Melanie Ho has published a new book, Beyond Leaning In: Gender Equity & What Organizations are Up Against.



Professional women are tired of being told to just lean in. Beyond Leaning In is a different kind of business book—based on research, but told as a novel—designed to spark dialogue among friends, family, classmates, and co-workers across genders and generations. Through the perspective of female and male characters across generations, readers gain new insights about why gender gaps are so hard to close despite our best intentions.

In Beyond Leaning In, Dr. Melanie Ho addresses the following topics:

· How the pandemic has made gender equity worse: The pandemic has only exacerbated the many ways, in addition to salary, that we must examine how we value and support work done by women vs. men. Working mothers, who have long battled the deep systemic barriers resulting from the high expense and uneven availability of quality child care, have faced even more impossible choices across the past year.

· Address the “fatherhood bonus” vs. “motherhood penalty” in workplaces.

· Diversity Metrics – Hold organizations accountable for a more expansive set of diversity metrics.

· Equal Penalty – Recognize that the compensation gap isn’t just about equal pay—it’s also about equal penalty.

· Gender bias – Understand the broader range of systemic and cultural bias that lead to inequity in opportunity and recognition.


Beyond Leaning In hopes to inspire us to think differently about what both individuals and organizations must do to ensure all employees thrive. In honor of Women’s History Month, Melanie has also created 31 Days of #BeyondLeaningIn Webcomics where each day this month she shares a brand new comic that illustrates concepts and scenes inspired by Beyond Leaning In. You can also check out her comic series on Instagram and Facebook.



Spotlight Post

Thank you, Melanie Ho and Bruce Mason


About the Author

Melanie Ho is the founder of Strategic Imagination, a firm dedicated to drawing on the power of the imaginative arts to drive transformational change. She believes that today’s wicked problems won’t be solved unless we find new ways of getting past trapped mindsets–and that the tools of fiction, theatre, and the visual arts can help pave the way. Melanie previously served as a senior vice president at EAB Global, an education advisory, technology, and services firm headquartered in Washington, DC. She led a team of over a hundred researchers that provided strategic, operational, and change management advice to more than 1500 educational institutions worldwide, including at 90% of the U.S. News Top 100 Universities. As one of EAB’s primary spokespeople, Melanie regularly facilitated university board and cabinet retreats on the future of higher education. Prior to her twelve years at EAB, Melanie taught literature, writing, and leadership courses at UCLA while earning her Ph.D. in English. Her research focused on the relationship of American novels to education and self-help, and she received UCLA’s Distinguished Teaching Award for her innovative approaches to experiential education and teaching with technology. She grew up in California and currently lives in Washington, DC.


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