Charity by Madeline Dewhurst / #SpotlightPost @EyeAndLightning @MDewhurst3

Edith, an elderly widow with a large house in an Islington garden square, needs a carer. Lauren, a nail technician
born in the East End, needs somewhere to live. A rent-free room in lieu of pay seems the obvious solution, even
though the pair have nothing in common.
Or do they? Why is Lauren so fascinated by Edith’s childhood in colonial Kenya? Is Paul, the handsome lodger in
the basement, the honest broker he appears? And how does Charity, a Kenyan girl brutally tortured during the
Mau Mau rebellion, fit into the equation?
Capturing the spirited interplay between two women divided by class, generation and a deeper gulf from the
past, and offering vivid flashbacks to 1950s East Africa, Madeline Dewhurst’s captivating debut spins a web of
secrets and deceit – where it’s not always obvious who is the spider and who is the fly.



Spotlight Post

Thank you, Madeline Dewhurst and Eye And Lightning Books


About the Author

MADELINE DEWHURST studied English at Queen’s University Belfast and went on to complete an MA in
Research and a PhD at Queen Mary, University of London. She also has an MA in Creative Writing from Royal
Holloway. She is an academic in English and Creative Writing at the Open University. Her previous writing
includes fiction, journalism and drama. Charity, which was longlisted for the Bath Novel Award, is her first novel.
She now lives in Kent.


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