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Book #1

The Master Sword Bryan is an elite warrior on the Prince of Shelkite’s council. When Shelkite is threatened by Ret, a wizard-king, the Master Sword is ready to fight. However, his plans are spoiled when he discovers his assignment is as the personal guard to the young half-blood witch sent to their aid—Alexandra.

Alexandra is determined to prove herself to the skeptical Master Sword. Though her powers haven’t fully manifested, she’s ready for anything, as long as she has her faithful mount, Zhan, and her trusty bow. As the quest deepens, she knows she must press on. For whether she does or not, she’s the key—for either good or evil.





The powerful animal’s hooves hit the soft beach in the perfect cadence of a full-fledged gallop. The earth churned and sprays of damp sand were cast airborne, leaving the prints to wash away with the crashing waves of the sea. With each stride, the animal’s snorted breaths misted in the cool morning air. His eyes wide and alert shone with hope; his long tail floating on the breeze in a ray of silky, iridescent threads. The magical creature’s coat was without equal, the purest white, dazzling to the eye, and as sleek as blue ice on the cold bays of the Nortarwin Sea. Nothing thrilled the great beast more than running with the salty winds of daybreak whilst carrying promising news.

As the luminescent sun rose above the watery horizon, his prismatic horn sent all the colors of the spectrum dancing across the beach. He flipped his mane from the pleasure of the warmth on his back and galloped on, returning northward. He was Apollos, an advisor of the country of Shelkite; and he made haste to report to Prince Alkin, who had long awaited him at the castle in the grand city of Fordorn.

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About the Author

I enjoy the outdoors, reading, spending time with my family (that includes pets!), hanging out with horses, and archery. I graduated from Michigan State University in Equine Management and love to incorporate my love of horses into my stories. I’m a huge Star Wars fan (original trilogy), Lord of the Rings fan, Harry Potter fan….and Jane Austen fan. A couple of nerdy facts, I love John Wayne movies and collect the vintage My Little Ponies from the 80s


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