Murder at Mountjoy Manor by Elizabeth Ducie / #IReview @ElizabethDucie

Coombesford Chronicles #1

Simon Mountjoy is the local boy made good. Returning to Coombesford after making his fortune in London, he spends thirteen years renovating his family home. He brings employment and prosperity to the village; but he also has a talent for upsetting people. Lots of people have reason to hate Simon; but who hates him enough to leave him dead at the bottom of the waterfall?




If you like cosy mysteries, you will fall in love with this one. 

It’s a great story where we are invited to travel to Coombesford and meet the villagers with the typical atmosphere a small village has. Friendship, gossip, but unfortunately this time also a murder. 

You would think the victim is well loved, but it seems a lot of people are rather pleased he is not among the living anymore. Why is this? On whose toes has he stepped? Is this the reason someone decided to send him on his last journey? Is it money that has driven them? Is it love? Or is it rather revenge?

This is enough to make Charlie’s and Annie’s noses twitch. They are dying to find out what happened and find the culprit. Will they succeed and more importantly will they be able to prevent another tragedy from happening?

I enjoyed this book a lot. I had this person on my list of suspects too. 😊 I was so proud of myself for this. I have to admit I felt some sympathy for them. Killing is never the way to go of course, but I can understand the overwhelming pain they went through. 5 stars

Thank you, Elizabeth Ducie


About the author 

Elizabeth Ducie trained as a scientist and worked as a consultant and technical writer in the international pharmaceutical industry for nearly thirty years before deciding she wanted a complete change of direction. She gave up the day job, began studying the craft of creative writing, and has now writes fiction and creative non-fiction more or less full-time. She has published five novels, three collections of short stories and a series of manuals on business skills for writers.


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