Marika’s Best Laid Plan by Judy Stanigar / #Extract @frolicblogtours @JvStanigar

Marika is a social worker trying to heal her drug addict clients, but she can’t seem to mend her damaged self. She avoids love because love sits too close to death. Her choices have left her carefully ordered life a lonely, disconnected one.
Everything is about to change.
Big-hearted, quirky, emotionally walled-off Marika embarks on a plan that ultimately forces her to confront the very thing she’s spent her life avoiding: love. Marika’s Best Laid Plan is a story about the power of connection and hope, the things without which life is unbearable.




My eyes drifted to the floor and the old Navajo, the one thing I’d bought on a trip with Cecil to Santa Fe. If only I had been able to keep Cecil instead of the rug.

Somewhere between sleep and wakefulness, it hit me. Mr. S was right. The world could be my oyster. There was no reason I couldn’t have what I wanted, and what I wanted was Cecil And why shouldn’t I have him? Cecil had loved me once; at least I thought so. It stood to reason that it would be easier to rekindle an old flame than make a new man fall in love with me. That I hadn’t been in love with him was totally irrelevant to me. It was a husband I wanted, security, a family. It seemed a much easier task getting Cecil back than finding a man in this city. This project was a no brainer.

Yes, I knew what I had to do. It was time to name this endeavor: The Cecil Project. Mom would have been kvelling, bursting with pride, at my new resolution. And if I failed, well there was always a choice, as Mr. S said. Mine would be to exit.

Thank you, Judy Stanigar and Frolic Blog Tours


About the Author

Judy Stanigar was born and raised in Israel. When she was a teenager, she moved with her family to the U.S. Her experience as a psychotherapist in a New York City methadone clinic served as an inspiration for her novel. She spends her spare time writing, painting, walking the local beaches and trails, and cooking Israeli food for her Jamaican husband…and always trying to keep the flowers in her garden from dying.


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Facebook: @JudyStanigarTheAuthor

Instagram: @judystanigar

Twitter: @JvStanigar



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