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The detective stared at the young woman lying on the bed. She almost looked peaceful, her face like porcelain. Despite everything she had been through, she was still beautiful.When DI Bernie Noel hurries to Keira Howard’s hospital bedside, she knows that Keira has been lucky. Barely conscious and badly injured, at least she is alive. Convinced that Keira’s attack is the latest in a string of increasingly violent assaults on young women in the area, the next victim might not be so fortunate. So she vows to find the man who did this, and to stop him before anyone else gets hurt.Spurring her team into action, she quickly hones in on a prime suspect. But then he suddenly dies while on police watch, and Bernie’s investigation goes into freefall. When Bernie’s superiors won’t let her take the case any further, her gut instinct tells her there’s much more to his death than meets the eye. If it was murder, who would want him dead, and why? So she determines to set out on her own to find out what happened.But the closer Bernie comes to discovering the truth, the more she is putting her own life in danger. And with Keira finally strong enough to talk her about her attack, Bernie worries she may be at risk yet again. There’s someone out there who has killed to stay safe in the shadows; can Bernie stop another senseless death, and save Keira, before it’s too late?




I remember the first part of this series where we were introduced to DI Noel. I also remember I enjoyed the book very much, but I was not a big fan of the leading lady though.

When the second book was released, I wanted to read it too and I was so happy that I did. Not only was it another amazing story, but I really liked DI Noel now.

This is book 3 and now I was even more happy. I could read the next instalment of this great series and I could meet one of my now favourite detectives and her team.

What I like about series too is the fact you get the chance to really start to know and connect with the police team. In every book you get a little more info about them and it feels like they are people you would not mind invite to diner or spend an evening out with.

The case they have to deal with is a complicated and complex one. For DI Noel it’s reliving a part of the past, but she also has something very nice to look forward too. Unfortunately a dark cloud is hovering. What is It going to be? Rain or bright sunshine?

A great story that I enjoyed very, very much. 5 stars

Thank you, Joy Kluver and Bookouture


About the Author

Joy Kluver has been an avid reader and writer since childhood. More recently she’s been escaping the madness of motherhood by turning her hand to crime novels. A book blogger, she’s also part of the First Monday Crime team and if you’ve been to any of their events it’s likely you’ve eaten one of her cookies. She also organises author talks for her local library. Joy lives in SW London with her husband and three children. ‘Last Seen’ is her debut novel and the first book in the DI Bernadette Noel series.

Joy is represented by Anne Williams at the Kate Horden Literary Agency.


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