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Detective Ellie Reeves #5

Twisting her hands together, she bites back a sob. She only turned her back for a second, and then her daughter was gone. Every mother in town would be hugging their children tighter tonight.Lara is baking cupcakes when her six-year-old daughter Ava runs to catch the school bus just one block away. Chasing after her, Lara sees the bus tumbling past, and waves. But Ava never turns up at school.Detective Ellie Reeves is in a race against time to find her––in missing child cases, every second counts. Searching the small town of Crooked Creek, she finds the girl’s bunny in the local park, the toy Ava carried around everywhere. Did Ava ever get on the bus?While Ellie works around the clock, a local reporter gets a message: There are other missing girls out there. Digging into previous cases, Ellie discovers that another girl went missing on the same day the previous year. How many more could there be?Ellie is certain that the date means something––and that the person who sent the message is the key. But the community is up in arms, everyone worried that their daughter will be next, and blaming Ellie. The pressure is mounting, and time is running out to bring little Ava home. Can Ellie solve the toughest case of her career––and save Ava––before it’s too late?




Such a great police team the author created here.

Ellie is very determined. In each case she fight with all she has against the most cruel and disturbed killers. She also has had a lot to deal with in her private life, but everything seems to settle a bit there.

Special Agent Fox. He does not lack in determination either and his relationship with Ellie is complicated due to the past.

Ranger Cord. He and Ellie go way back and his past is dark.

Sherriff Bryce. By far my least favourite person, but this is changing slowly for the better.

The team struggles with this case. In the beginning they think it’s crystal clear, but in fact it’s far, far more complex than that.

The story behind the culprit is really heart breaking and in a way they are not a bad person. It’s probably one example of how people can react to devastating events. It was sad and I understood what they were trying to do. The way they went about it, was of course the wrong one.

This book followed a very twisty and bumpy road and it resulted in an amazing book. I enjoyed it from the very first page and it was hard to put it down. 5 stars

Thank you, Rita Herron and Bookouture


About the author 

USA Today Bestselling and award-winning author Rita Herron fell in love with books at the ripe age of eight when she read her first Trixie Belden mystery. But she didn’t think real people grew up to be writers, so she became a teacher instead. Now she writes so she doesn’t have to get a real job.

With over ninety books to her credit, she’s penned romantic suspense, romantic comedy, and YA novels, but she especially likes writing dark romantic suspense and crime fiction set in small southern towns.


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