The Forgotten Sister by Judy Summers / #SpotlightPost @welbeckpublish


To save her family, she had to leave them behind.
Liverpool, 1848, Meg Shaw is the middle child of eight siblings, not
quite old enough to bring in a wage to help her struggling family, but not
young enough to be a babe to be cared for
When the family realise they can’t feed all the children, Meg makes a
choice. She volunteers to go to the workhouse for one season, and she’ll
take her little sister Rosie with her.
But the moment they enter the workhouse, Meg and Rosie are separated. Abandoned and alone, Meg is determined to
make it through, and soon finds herself surrounded by a new family of vulnerable girls in need of protection and love.
Meg does all she can for her new sisters, but when a season passes and no one comes for her or Rosie, can she find a
way to keep them all safe?



Spotlight Post.

Thank you, Judy Summers and Welbeck Publishing Group


About the author 

Judy Summers is an avid reader, historian and mother of three. Her forebears – some of whom probably entered England via Liverpool in the Victorian era – were miners, labourers and domestic servants. She finds these lives far more interesting than those of the upper classes. Judy was inspired to write The Forgotten Sister when she came across a copy of Rudolph Ackermann’s Panoramic View of Liverpool from 1847 and wondered, who were the everyday people living amongst these landmarks?



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