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Three’s a crowd, but not when it comes to best mates, Briony, Natalie and Lauren. As they tipsily toast the future down their favourite local, the Red Lion, the girls have never felt closer.

For Briony and Lauren at least, being intimate friends has taken on a whole new meaning. But as things between them heat up, does that mean they’ll need to put a label on their relationship?

And will their provocative plot to wreak revenge on Briony’s devious ex-lover, Mani, work out, or succeed only in putting her professional reputation on the line?

Meanwhile, Natalie’s affair with her sexy spin instructor, Jason, is now firmly behind her, and she is determined to keep the sparks flying with her loyal hubby, Martin. That is until a girls’ trip to a swanky London hotel reveals her head and her heart are still at dangerous odds; an epiphany that will have dire consequences.

As the friends unite in the face of an unbearable tragedy, they’ll need each other – and ice cream – more than ever before . . .




Hi Els, (my sister is an Ells too, but with a double ll),

Thank you so much for asking such lovely questions, I hope you enjoy my replies.

Take care.

With love, Terri Boas x

Did or do you like to read comic/books/graphic novels? Which ones?

I am so sorry; no, I don’t read comics and/or graphic novels. However, I worked abroad as a Holiday Rep in my early 20’s and there were always Mills & Boon books available in the hotel library-swops. So, if I was to use the other definition of ‘graphic’, then yes I must admit to having read a few of that type of graphic novel. I read all the Fifty Shades novels too but generally, I don’t hunt out graphic or graphic novels.

Whom did you inherit your love for books/reading from?

Interestingly, I don’t think I inherited my love for books and reading from anyone. I found reading as a great escapism when I was growing up and I guess that is a stuck behaviour now as a grown-up.

My step-Aunty had a reading cupboard full of Enid Blyton’s -The Secret Seven, Mallory Towers and The Twins at St Clare’s which I loved, and they are the base and beginning of my love for reading.

When you need a murder victim or someone you can diagnose with a serious disease or someone who is involved in a fatal accident do you sometimes picture someone nasty you have met in real life and think ‘got you’ LOL?

Ha, ha, ha I would love to say that I was callous enough to do that, but sadly and boringly no I don’t picture real life people. The writing runs like a movie in my head and the characters come to life organically. I find it fascinating because all I need is a message that I would like the story to convey, then with piano music playing through my headphones the words just type themselves.

How do you come up with the name for your characters?

My favourite literary character is Martina Coles Briony Cavanagh and that is why I chose Briony. My Briony is nothing like Martina Cole’s, but I guess I liked the strength that Briony Cavanagh brought to the name itself and I wanted it for that reason. The other names didn’t have any real reason, apart from Lauren.

In the first draft Lauren was Jamie and he was male, but it wasn’t really working. The words weren’t writing, and I felt very stuck. I had a massage one day at a salon and the masseuse questioned me on whether I had said that Jamie was “A gay girl?” and the penny dropped. Yes, she was right, and Jamie’s character became a woman called Lauren. I chose the name Lauren for her because my masseuse was called Lauren.

Do you write things beside books (and shopping lists)?

Shopping lists are a given but generally I don’t write anything else for people to read. If I have something on my mind, I find writing it all down very therapeutic. I would like to write for children aged 8-12 years old because that is when my love for books and reading began and it would be amazing that my writing was the reason a child fell in love with reading.

If a movie or series would be made from your books, would you be happy with the ‘based on’ version or would you rather they showed it exactly the way you created it?

That is the dream!

I would be more than happy with the based-on version because the show/movie is alive because I gave it life, it is my idea, and they are my characters. However, I would like to be involved in the writing and definitely the casting.

Who would you like/have liked to interview?

Tom Hanks. I have been told that he is a really genuine guy and super interested in what we have to say. I think he would be the perfect person to ask about adapting Two Scoops, Not Three and Two Scoops, Too Much for the screen/television.

Do you have certain people you contact while doing research to pick their brains? What are they specialised in?

Lovely Sam on the school drop-offs and pick-ups heard a lot of my ideas and she was a great help in anything medical because she is a trained nurse and has had experience with a patient having deteriorated mental health issues. Also, my step-uncle is a Police Officer for the British Transport Police, and he was very helpful at a particular point in Two Scoops, Too Much.

Is there someone you sometimes discuss a dilemma with?

I guess I speak through dilemmas with my husband Rich, but I guess it depends on what it is about. If it is him that is the dilemma, I write it down, but I won’t call a friend to talk through my stuff, unless we’re already out together. I feel that everyone has their own stuff to deal with nowadays and they don’t need to hear my stuff on top. If we’re out catching up though, we want to spend time together and we are interested in each other, then that is when I’d discuss any dilemmas with them.

What is more important to you: a rating in stars with no comments or a reviewer who explains what the comments they give are based on (without spoilers of course).

It could be so easy to hide behind the star ratings but I nor the inquisitive reader gains from that. It does hurt when reviews are personal rather than actually about the book, but I’ve learned that readers can read through these reviews and aren’t interested in them.

I like to hear the emotional journey readers have had with the characters and to answer your question I like to receive both a star rating and a review.    

Thank you, Terri Boas and Rachel’s Random Resources


About the author

Terri Boas lives in Hampshire with her husband, Rich, daughter, Portia and Pud, the cat. She works part-time at The Raven Hotel in Hook. Famous children’s author, Enid Blyton wrote the first of her hundreds of books right there!

Two scoops, not three is Terri’s debut novel.


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