Until I Find You by Graciela Mayrink / #SpotlightPost @gracielamayrink

What if your soulmate wasn’t who you wished for?

Flávia is a freshman at the Federal University of Viçosa, in Minas Gerais, and has no idea how much her life will change. Not being reciprocated by falling in love with her best friend, having a broken heart and discovering that her soulmate is someone she doesn’t like are just a few confusions that fate has in place for her.

With the help of Sônia, her neighbor, she will discover the secrets of Wicca and the mysteries of her family – especially her mother – and will realize that being a witch is not necessarily a bad thing.

Amid parties, barbecues and trips, young university students experience the beginning of new friendships and loves. Marked by losses from the past, they will discover that we can’t always control our lives, but that sometimes the surprises of fate are better than what we desire.



Spotlight Post

Thank you, Graciela Mayrink


About the author

Graciela Mayrink was born in Rio de Janeiro where she lives with her twin sister. She graduated in Agronomy with Master’s degree in Phytopathology and has 5 young adult books published in Brazil: The Sound of an Empty Heart, The End of our Story, Until I Find You, My Best Friend’s Girl and The Day the Wind Disappeared.


Author Links


Instagram/Twitter: gracielamayrink

Fanpage: facebook.com/gracielamayrink.oficial



Book Link

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/Until-Find-You-soulmate-wished-ebook/dp/B097QJLN7H

Download for free on March 26th and 27th


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