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Fresh from his re-education, Nick hasn’t really learned his lesson. Reporting to his superior Abe again, Nick boasts about getting one over on his ex Kali. Abe decides to get one over on Nick, instead. He gives him his new assignment – seduce and kill the enigmatic Raquel, a super-rich businesswoman in the city. Travelling down to the mortal realm, Nick takes the body of a man he’s sure will attract Raquel. He doesn’t have to wait long: that Friday night after work she appears in the bar, soaking up the attentions of all the men in the place. Nick finds Raquel an easy seduction … too easy! Too late, Nick discovers Raquel is not what she seems. Horrified and on a countdown, he realises he’s really met his match. Even worse, Abe breaks it to Nick he has just one night to complete his mission … He has just three goes to get it right. Nick must seduce Raquel by daylight or risk being rubbed out of existence by the big boss downstairs. AFTER MIDNIGHT is a break-neck, speedy time loop story where the tables have turned: women are in charge and men are their unwitting prey.

This story is strictly for adults only. It contains highly sexual content, as well as depictions of strangulation, stabbing, bondage and dubious consent.




Raquel used to love her job. As one of the few female bankers in the city, she was rich and powerful in ways most women never had access to. Best of all, it meant she was surrounded by men all day. With her killer petite figure, flaxen hair and cherry-red lips, Raquel looked like a Barbie doll brought to life.

This was intentional. She spent hours on her beauty and fitness regimen, not to mention hundreds of thousands of pounds on tucks and tricks to keep the ageing process at bay. As Raquel’s mother had told her as a girl: men were suckers for a good body and the promise of being more than just friends.

Every woman who knew this could do whatever she wanted.

Her mother’s advice had proved very fruitful indeed over Raquel’s forty years on earth. Of course, her mother had meant something rather different to what Raquel really used it for. Even so, Raquel thought her mother would approve. As her mother had also said many times throughout Raquel’s childhood: men were dogs and deserved all they got.

Perched on a bar stool in the dimly-lit establishment, Raquel stirred her drink with a swizzle stick. She took it out of the glass and dipped it into her mouth, before placing it back in the glass. She did it again, her eyes watching the man seated behind her in the bar mirror.

Like her, he was alone and seated, though unlike her he was tall. Good. He looked like a banker like her, or perhaps a lawyer or consultant of some kind. Promising.

He was clean shaven and dark haired, with startlingly blue eyes. His hair was closely cropped to his head. Though he was attractive, Raquel didn’t care what his face looked like: she was always more interested in men’s bodies. As she studied his reflection, she drank in his broad shoulders and chest. He looked strong, just the way she liked them. She loved to run her manicured fingers over a man’s pectorals as she rode him.

He was dressed like a businessman, too: expensive, well-pressed shirt and tie. He looked as if he would smell good; Raquel could already imagine the spicy scent of his cologne washing over her as he bent to kiss her.

As the stranger raised an arm to pick up his drink, she noticed he’d undone his cufflinks. His shirt sleeve rode up and she caught a glimpse of the bottom of a large tattoo. He was more alternative underneath than he looked on the surface.


The man had been giving her unspoken signals to join him for the last ten minutes, but that wasn’t Raquel’s style.

Men came to her, not the other way around

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About the author

Mia Ryder writes bitesize filth to devour before bed as part of the SEX. DIE. REPEAT series.

Contains sexual content, swearing, crime, religious iconography & commentary on relationships & mental illness. DO NOT follow if of a delicate disposition!!


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