The Sleep of Reason by David Derbyshire & Mark Rowley / #Extract #BlogTour @legend_times_ @dderbyshire


A brutal massacre at a theme park leaves eight dead and triggers a wave of extremist violence across Britain.

On the trail of the killer is Detective Superintendent SOPHIE GABRIEL, who must confront her past as she races to stop rival Islamist and neo-Nazi terror groups bringing a deadly campaign of violence to Britain’s streets.

As community tensions rise, the coalition government appears to be exploiting the crisis for its own ends. In the midst of a political and media whirlwind, Gabriel and her team must stop a ruthless terrorist attack that could leave hundreds dead.




From DAY 1
Wednesday Morning
Chilton Park, Kent
The queue had paused, so Zahra took the opportunity to close her eyes and listen. It was a game she had played as a young girl, and one she turned to regularly during the moments of
tedium that occupied so much of her sixteen-year-old life.
She slipped her hands into the pockets of her donkey jacket and focused. The clanking of the ride machinery, as if an iron bar was being dragged along kerbstones, dominated her soundscape, but not enough to drown out the barbs of the gobby group of girls behind her taking turns to damn each of their absent friends. She listened harder and caught the burble of a blackbird staking out its territory from the
clump of young silver birches and evergreen shrubs planted alongside the queue.
They’d queued under the scruffy winter skies for more than an hour now, far longer than her brother Jawad had predicted, lurching forward, spreading out and then bunching up again like an immense concertina. Around them were miserable attempts to decorate the ride in fibreglass and concrete. An upturned telephone kiosk, now pink rather than poppy red, lay alongside a bored sabre-toothed tiger while, nearby, a blonde Viking stood proudly with one boot on the neck of a tentacled alien.
For a theme park ride, the theme was a complete mystery, thought Zahra.

Thank you, Mark Rowley, David Derbyshire and Legend Press


About the authors

Sir Mark Rowley led the UK’s counter-terrorism policing for four years (2014-18), during which the police
prevented 27 Islamist and extreme right-wing plots and made 850 preventative interventions to combat
radicalisation. He also represented the Police at COBRA and the National Security Council.

David Derbyshire is an award-winning national newspaper journalist. He was the Daily Mail’s first
Environment Editor and worked at the Daily Telegraph as the paper’s first Consumer Affairs Editor. David
has written features for The Sunday Times, the Times, The Guardian and the Observer.


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