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For seven years I believed my husband was dead – until the note arrived this morning…The day her husband Tom disappeared, Rachel’s life fell apart. Childhood sweethearts with two young children, they’d done everything together. And then, suddenly, Tom was gone. Without a word, without a note, without a single sign of where he might be, leaving Rachel to survive alone.Now, nearly seven years later, Rachel has come to terms with life as a single mother, caring for their children who still secretly long for their father’s miraculous return.But in his absence, Tom’s hidden life started to emerge, and Rachel has discovered things a wife should never have to. A secret life that betrayed everything Rachel thought she knew. Not knowing where he’d gone was no longer the main worry keeping her awake at night – it seemed much more likely he’d been silenced. Forever.Until today, when – with just one month until Tom is to be declared legally dead – Rachel receives a note in handwriting she recognises with dread:My darling, I’ve missed you so much. Give me a chance to explain. I’m coming home.The husband she’d lost is alive.And so are all his secrets…




You have  a successful business… You have a great marriage and a beautiful family… And still this does not seem to be enough…

The grass always is greener on the other side, right… Until you are on the other side and the green is fading, showing the brown colour underneath…

When your partner leaves you for someone else you are hurt, devastated, angry,… but you try to do your best to survive. You still love them, because love does not work with a switch. You cannot turn it on and off like a light.

What would you do when it seems like they want to come back? Would you open your arms to them, because of the love you still feel or because everybody deserves a second chance? Or maybe because of all of the above?

And than your life is turned upside down once again. You find yourself on the bottom of that dark pit for the second time. You grow stronger every day and decide it’s time to move on, but that is easier said than done..

Who can you trust? Can you count on friends to help you or are you on your own?

An enjoyable read where the author shows us it’s perfectly possible to love two partners, but impossible to keep them both happy. You will always end up with your back against the wall. 4 stars.

Thank you, Lesley Sanderson and Bookouture


About the author

Lesley attended the Curtis Brown Creative 6 month novel writing course in 2015/6, and in 2017 The Orchid Girls (then On The Edge) was shortlisted for the Lucy Cavendish fiction prize.

Lesley is the author of psychological thrillers and spends her days writing in coffee shops in Kings Cross where she lives and works as a librarian. She loves the atmosphere and eclectic mix of people in the area. Lesley discovered Patricia Highsmith as a teenager and has been hooked on psychological thrillers ever since.


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