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It has been almost three decades since the brutal murder of a young father took place on the streets of Glasgow.

Fleeing the country as a child Cal Lynch returns to Scotland a man, a lawyer, determined to exact vengeance on the gangster who killed his father and tore his family apart.

His desired retribution would be complex and challenging. He had dreamed, trained and prepared for the day of his return.

Falling in love was not part of the plan.

As Cal’s revenge on Eddie Quinn draws ever closer, what happens next will leave him broken and fighting for his very existence.





When and where do you prefer to write?

Before the dreaded Covid I would write on my commute to and from work and wherever, whenever I could. I usually draft things old school style in a notepad then transfer to the manuscript on the laptop.

Do you need peace and quiet when you are writing?

Yes, I like the quiet, if possible, to get into a flow and develop the story. I can get a lot done in a short period, but sometimes work and other priorities get in the way of that. Maybe I need to manage my time better.

If you had the chance to co-write a book. Whom would it be with?

A modern-day version of the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists with Robert Tresswell would have been amazing.

Say someone asks if they can use your name in a book. Would you rather be the ‘good one’ or the ‘bad one’?

A mixture of both – start bad but then come good, is that allowed?

Who would you like/have liked to interview?

The late Dee Brown would have been really interesting to get an insight into how he researched his novels. Or Nicola Sturgeon to hear about her favourite books, which would include mine (ye never know)

Where can I find you when you are reading?

On the couch, on the train or in my bed.

Where can I find you when you are not writing/reading?

At the gym, on my bike, trying to get my running back in to some sort of order. All three help me think about how a story will develop. Other than that, I’ll be spending time with family and friends.

What goes through your mind when you hold your new book in your hands for the first time?

The first time I saw the cover designs my stomach was turning with excitement, it was as it had all become a bit real. The first time I held the book I was over the moon and really couldn’t believe it was mine though this was mixed with trepidation as I checked for any typos.

How do you come up with a title for your book?

Black is the Colour is the title of an old Scottish folk song. Sorry no spoilers you’ll have to read it to find out why I use it in my debut novel.

How do you pick a cover for your book?

My original cover was a picture I took of a landscape view of Paisley which was then very professionally digitised.

I have an idea for the cover of the sequel but lets wait and see.

Thank you, Seamus Connolly and Zooloo’s Book Tours  


About the author

Seamus Connolly is a Scottish based author who has recently published his first novel – Black is the Colour. Brought up in the West of Scotland he combines gritty reality and great humour within his fiction writing.

Seamus is currently drafting a follow up to his debut novel which promises to keep readers enthralled with twists and turns to keep the pages turning.


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