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To survive, they’ll need to stick together…

After the defeat of the rival Gordon and Thompson families, the Blood Brothers’ reputations as feared lieutenants of the McVay clan are firmly established. The Gallowburn has become an untouchable stronghold in their capable hands.

However, danger rears its head in another form – Jamie’s deadliest foe, Cameron Abernethy. Still fighting to be released from prison, Cameron decides to use the Lawson family, the Blood Brothers’ biggest rivals, to discover his daughter’s whereabouts.

With his enemies getting closer, and the police on his tail too, Jamie has some impossible choices to make. This is his last chance to live the life he’s dreamed of with the woman he loves, but first he’s got to make sure he’s not caught or killed…




My first book by this author and I fell in love with her writing style, her characters and her storytelling.

Why do people sometimes act the way they do? Well it’s often for money and power. They scheme, make deals and stab their partners in the back once they have what they are looking for.

A person you thought was on your side becomes a rival and enemy in the blink of an eye of even faster sometimes. 😊

You can trust them as far as you can throw them, which is not a lot so it seems time after time.

But this story is not all about violence and the struggle for the highest ranking in the crime world. Even the most cruel people find some kindness somewhere hidden deep inside and there is love. Love between lovers, family and friends. Although I have to say friends do not really exist in gangland crimes. Those people are family too even you don’t have the same blood running through your veins. People who stand by you through thick and thin, who always have your back are considered family and you would do anything for them too.

That is what I like so much about this kind of books. The contrast between the cruel parts and the fierce love. Those ‘family’ members would die for you and that is so, so beautiful and touching. I know they don’t take the kindest way to deal with the enemies, but it’s their devotion that drives them. They fight hard, but they love as hard.

I loved it. Great, great book with a number of schemes and twists that made my head spin. I am a very happy reader. 5 stars.

Thank you


About the author

Heather Atkinson is the author of over fifty books – predominantly in the crime fiction genre. Although Lancashire born and bred she now lives with her family, including twin teenage daughters, on the beautiful west coast of Scotland. Her new gangland series for Boldwood, set on the fictional Gallowburn estate in Glasgow begins with the title Blood Brothers and was published in December 2020.


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