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The Cyber Fighter Saga Book 1

Brian Baldwin thought his best years were behind him…

Failed game designer Brian Baldwin has lost his career at Ronin games. He spends his days seeking temp work while stuck living off stale pizza, plugged into his game console.


When he gets a temp job at Defense company Kirkman Enterprises, he volunteers for an immersive Artificial Intelligence Virtual Reality experiment to be programmed with Black Belt fighting skills from 47 different martial arts.

He goes from a total klutz to a real-life action hero!

Framed for a crime he didn’t commit, he transforms into an international target of assassins, international spies, Triad gangsters, Military Special Forces and even the FBI.

What if The Matrix actually gave you REAL LIFE skills?

Would your superhero dreams come true?

Or would it be your worst nightmare?



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About the Author

When interviewed, the author tells us his life story, “I’ve actually been writing since elementary school. I always liked writing my own science-fiction stories, though my early work was derivative of TV shows I loved like SPACE: 1999 and the 1970s version of Buck Rogers. When my family moved to Hawaii (my Dad was a Captain in the U.S. Navy), I started making my own movies first with a Super-8 camera and then our family’s VHS camcorder. In high school I wrote, directed, and starred in my very first feature Law of the Ninja, with my siblings as co-stars and the neighborhood kids as background actors.

When I came to Hollywood, I not only continued with my acting career, but also used my writing skills to pen some screenplays, a few of which I was hired to write from an indie producer. CYBER FIGHTER was originally intended as a vehicle for my acting career, but gradually developed into a bigger story which my debut novel tells. It is my very first book that I’ve ever published.

My wife Pamela and I started our own production company Four Scorpio Productions, and we have our own YouTube channel where we began making short films and then developed our own web series sitcom That Darn Girlfriend which is in its third season. It’s a quirky fun parody of classic 1960s/1970s sitcoms, done in that style as well. We’ve built an audience of over 3,500 subscribers. I also share my filmmaking/VFX knowledge with a tutorial series that I produce and host on the channel as well. 


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