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The Two Valleys Saga, Book 1

At 14 years old, Jesus ‘Chuy’ Perez Contreras Verazzi Messi is too small and frail to work the land on the family farm near the Rio Bravo in Mexico. The local padre’s tutoring reveals Je-sus’s unending curiosity and fertile mind. Noted Las Cruces, New Mexico attorney, and poli-tician Colonel Albert Jennings Fountain, agrees to take his nephew under his wing. Jesus ‘reads law’ with his uncle and shares adventures and adversity with the Fountain family and other historic Mesilla and Tularosa Valley citizens. His coming-of-age story will take you into the wild southwest, a brewing range war, a territory struggling toward statehood, court-room dramas, and the adventures and adversities of a boy’s quest for manhood.

*A fictional memoir by Jesus about the ten years leading to the notorious and unsolved Foun-tain murders.



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About the Author 

Mary lives in the heart of one of the ‘Two Valleys’ in Las Cruces New Mexico, with her hus-band Norman ‘Skip’ Bailey, Jr. and their Cavachon child-dog, Java. In 2017 she wrote the one-act play, “It is Blood,” which was selected for a performance by the Las Cruces Commu-nity Theatre. Whereas the Two Valleys series is a prequel to the notorious and unsolved mur-ders of Albert J. Fountain and his eight-year-old son, “It is Blood,” is a sequel to those events.

After winning an award for her debut historic fiction novel “The Mesilla,” Mary has decided to focus on that genre — at least for the foreseeable future. Her writing is fast-moving, thought-provoking and with just enough wordsmithing to satisfy your artistic hankerings. While her writing has literary merit, she strives to capture the moment — the time and the place — and help you live in that moment.

Before releasing her debut novel, Mary dabbled in creative writing, including a weekly col-umn in the Las Cruces Sun News. Since retiring from a diverse career in various planning and design fields, she has devoted herself more fully to her writing, being a good spouse, serving her dog Java, and slipping away to the golf course when left unchained to the desk.


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