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Allegiance #2

Secrets. Lies. Revenge.
With the odds stacked against her, Samantha Reynold is determined to prove she’s tough enough to be the boss. But when a secret from the past threatens to ruin Sam’s reputation, she suddenly feels very alone in this dark new world. There’s only one man she can turn to – rival club owner, Sebastian Stoker.

Seb knows first-hand how secrets and lies can tear a family apart. He wants to protect Sam at all costs, but siding with her could threaten his own position as head of the Stoker family and risk accusations of betrayal.

With loyalties divided and two families at war – the fallout could be deadly.




This is the second book in the series and that’s where I pick the story up. I had a lot on my plate in the beginning because I did not know the characters from the previous book and I had to get to know them. That was no problem at all. I quite liked it, figuring out who was who and who was part of which family.

This was a book filled with lies, deceit and revenge as the cover already promises us and they kept their promise.

I like it when those scheming so and so’s end up with what they deserve. You reap what you sow and when you try to solve things with violence, you often are treated the same way. So if you cannot stand the heat…

Sam is the one who evolves the most. She goes from little princess to tough business woman, but that does not mean she looses her hart of gold for those she loves.

As I mentioned before when reviewing a gangland crime, that’s what I really enjoy about the genre. The bosses are hard as nails, but where their loved ones are concerned they will do whatever they can to protect them. They love them deeply and they fight with all they have.

I loved this book and I am looking forward to the next part. 5 stars

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About the author

Edie Baylis is a successful self-published author of dark gritty thrillers with violent background settings. She lives in Worcestershire, has a history of owning daft cars and several motorbikes and is licensed to run a pub. She has signed a five-book deal with Boldwood.


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