Little Girl Missing by J.G. Roberts / #Review @bookouture @JuliaRobertsTV

Detective Rachel Hart #1

How can a little girl vanish into thin air?

Five-year-old Cassie Bailey’s mother tucked her into bed and kissed her goodnight. This morning she’s missing, her unicorn bedcovers are empty, and her parents are frantic.

Detective Rachel Hart knows that the first few hours after a child goes missing are the most crucial, and that the Baileys are living every parent’s worst nightmare. Rachel knows, because as a child her family lived through it too, when her sister was taken.

The days are ticking by with no sign of Cassie, and the cracks in the Baileys’ marriage are beginning to show. But are the holes in their stories because they’re out of their minds with panic – or because they’re lying?

Rachel’s convinced that Cassie knew the person who took her, but can she find the little girl before she’s lost forever?




I did it again. 😊 I have read book 2 and 3 and now I have finished book 1. I am very weird, I know, but it does not hurt, so why not? 😉

Normally in book 1 you get to know the new police team. I now had the advantage of knowing them already. I could fully focus on the story. You see, being weird has some good points too. 😊

It’s always a tragedy when someone you love goes missing. I am convinced that it must be even more heart-breaking when it is a small child that has disappeared. An adult can maybe try and defend himself or find ways to try and escape, but what can a little mite do? Not very much and that makes it more emotional.

And in times of deep sadness and anxiety, who can you always count on? Right, that one true friend you have known for years. She would do anything to help and support you, because that’s what friends are for.

Maybe this was not a case Rachel should have worked on because of the emotional connections she feels. It might even have muddled her brain a bit and maybe she did not exactly do the best investigation. What matters most though is that in the end the baddies are were they belong, but maybe the mystery could have been solved a bit sooner? We will never know. 😊

Anyway I really enjoyed the story and I know the next books will be amazingly good. 4 stars.

Thank you,


About the author

Julia Roberts self-published her first novel in 2015, Life’s a Beach and Then, the first part of the Liberty Sands Trilogy, followed by books two and three in the trilogy and the stand-alone, Alice in Theatreland, before signing a three book deal with Bookouture, under the name J G Roberts, for a detective/crime/thriller series centred around DCI Rachel Hart.

Little Girl Missing, was published in June 2019, followed by What He Did and Why She Died. She has now re-signed with Bookouture as Julia Roberts for two emotional heartbreakers; the first one, My Mother’s Secret, is publishing in January 2021 and is available now on pre-order.

Born in Nottingham, Julia travelled the world working as a professional dancer, singer and TV presenter, experience she was able to call on when developing the character of travel blogger, Holly, for her Liberty Sands trilogy.

Following roles as a hostess on the The Price is Right and a member of the Beadle’s About hit squad, she auditioned as a presenter for QVC, and launched the American shopping channel in the UK where she still works full-time.

She has two grown-up children who are in part responsible for her becoming a novelist. On Mother’s Day 2013, they gave her a notebook with words ‘Hold On People… I’m Having An Idea’, on the cover. On the first morning of a much-needed holiday in Mauritius, following a year of treatment for Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia, Julia had just that – the idea for her first novel.


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