Sun, Sea & Strawberry Shortcake by Rosie Green / #Review #BlogTour @rararesources @Rosie_Green88

Little Duck Pond Cafe, Book 22

It was meant to be a gloriously romantic getaway in Wales for Ruby and Hudson. That was the plan, anyway. But then friends start inviting themselves along, lured by the idea of unwinding in a chocolate-box pretty cottage, wandering the lanes and the coastline, soaking up the sun and the stunningly beautiful Italian-inspired architecture. With Ellie, Jaz, Fen and Madison popping up around every corner, plus another sinister mystery to solve, will the lovebirds ever find time to indulge their desire for sun, sea and . . . strawberry shortcake?




Sun, sea and strawberry shortcake. I would have another word with an s in my head for the third one. 😊 No, no to those with the dirty minds. Not that word 😉 I would have said sand (obvious choice) or stary nights, but I’ll take a shortcake (preferably one with ginger but that starts with the wrong letter of course) every day of the week. 😊

So this means we started in Sunnybrook, but were soon on our way to Wales enjoying a week of dolce far niente.

At least that is what Ruby thought, but it seems like her week off turns into a very busy one. She is glad, because it takes her mind off of other things that really start grating on her. What is going on? This is not how she had pictured this time off. Not at all…

The story is told through the eyes of Ruby who has a mystery to solve on the one hand and Jaz who has her own private issues on the other hand.

This book is, once again, a mixture of a cozy mystery and a romantic comedy which I utterly enjoy.

Yes, it’s already part 22. Do I want this series to end? No way. I love these stories way too much. 5 stars.

Thank you


About the author

Rosie’s series of novellas is centred around life in a village cafe. The latest, ‘A Summer of Surprises’, is out now.

Look out for more Little Duck Pond Café tales in 2022, including ‘Chocolate Cake for Breakfast’ and ‘Christmas in June’.


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