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What’s wrong with a little bit of faking it?After Josie got dumped by her ex through a note on the fridge, she hasn’t let herself get close to anyone. But when she meets Cameron at a Halloween party, who turns up in the same Ghostbusters costume as her, it’s virtually impossible to stay away.Cameron, a curly haired video-games designer with dazzling blue eyes, the sexiest dimples and the same encyclopaedic knowledge of movies as Josie, seems too good to be true.And maybe he is… Because there’s one teeny tiny problem as Josie falls madly in love. Cameron has no idea that Josie lives at home with her ex-porn star parents and their dog Dave, or about the minor detail that she works for their sex toy empire. After her ex broke up with her because of the family business, Josie decides to tell a little white lie.But it’s just a matter of time until the truth comes out. When it does, will Cameron end things, leaving Josie with only Dave the dog for company? And what if she’s not the only one who’s keeping secrets?




When you look out of the window and you see a cloudy day, it often makes you a bit sad. Especially when it’s during the summer and on a day in the weekend. Now you finally have the time to go outside and enjoy the sun, it seems she is on a day off too.

What you need on a day like this is a book to make you smile and that’s when I pick up a story by this author. She is the master of sunny faces and smiles galore. Her books are so lovely and funny. Even a snowstorm in June could not bring me down.

You might remember I was a bit sad after finishing her previous book. Her series about 5 sisters came to an end and I had a hard time saying goodbye. Not being able to catch up with them had left an emptiness in my heart, but she created another great family to fill this up again.

We meet the Jewell family. Josie’s parents did not have the most common job in the past and it’s not something you talk about on your first date. Even her own job is a subject she prefers to keep quiet about. It’s not as if being an MD is something to be ashamed about. It’s the kind of company she works for that often makes people feel awkward.

Of course keeping secrets, leads to funny situations, but in the end you are so entangled in the lies you feel like a fly in a spider’s web. And when then everything is revealed before you had a chance to come clean, it all blows up in your face.

Is everything broken beyond repair or maybe Josie is not the only one looking for an explanation and forgiveness?

This is another fantastic book by this author. I think I will crown her my queen of smiles. I smiled, I laughed, I sniggered and wiped away a tear too. 5 stars. No question about that.

Thank you


About the author

Mother-of-four, gin-drinker, binge-watcher, receipt hoarder, enthusiastic but terrible cook. Kristen also writes. She has had short fiction published in several publications including Mslexia & Riptide. Her first two novels, Souper Mum and Second Helpings were published in 2016. In 2019, she was long listed in the Comedy Women in Print Prize and has since joined the Bookouture family. She writes women’s fiction and she hopes her novels have fresh and funny things to say about modern life, love and family.


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