The Tin Nose Shop by Don J Snyder / #Extract #BlogTour @Legend_Times_ @DonJSnyder1

1916. Young artist Sam Burke is spared death by firing squad on the battlefields of France and brought to a remote castle by the Irish Sea. At the ‘Tin Nose Shop’ he is tasked with creating intricate masks to hide the mutilated faces of his fellow soldiers from the Front. While he tries to come to terms with the death of his best friend and the promise he failed to keep, Sam and the disfigured soldiers struggle to return to their former lives and their loved ones.

A stirring and emotional tale based on the real-life story of the Tin Nose Shop.




For most of us, it takes a while to realise that we cross lines in our lives. Silent, unmarked borders of time that we pass, as if in our dreams, without ever realising what we are leaving behind. We do not see that the matchless nights of being cherished and held close are vanishing even as we live them, and that we are all refugees from one war-torn country or another, or from one war-torn love story or another. Time moves so deceptively that we never say, “This is the last walk I will take with you along the shore.” Or, “This afternoon I carried a child in my arms for the final time.” Perhaps early this morning while we dressed and put the kettle on, our destiny advanced, unwatched.

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About the Author

Don J. Snyder was born and raised in America. He is the author of ten novels and non-fiction books and wrote the movie Fallen Angel that starred Gary Sinise and Joely Richardson. He now lives in Scotland where he established the world’s only caddie training school for soldiers, to try to help restore servicemen from around the world who are suffering from PTSD.


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