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Her face, beautiful even in death, gazed open-eyed at the azure sky. Her brown, silky hair fanned around her head, bringing out the pallor of her skin. Her lips were slightly parted as if she was still breathing, as if she was whispering her goodbyes.

On a hot summer’s day, the sleepy town of Mount Chester is thrown into turmoil when seventeen-year-old local girl Jenna goes missing. Within hours, the case takes an agonizing turn when her body is discovered in the isolated mountains.

Detective Kay Sharp rushes to the scene, hiking for miles to the base of Wildfire Ridge. From the markings on Jenna’s body, it’s clear that she was brutally murdered. Near the victim, Kay finds a butterfly-shaped hair clip with a set of fingerprints that could be a vital clue.

In the hunt for the truth, Kay turns the small town upside down. She learns that Jenna changed dramatically over the past months, no longer the popular girl who always wore a smile on her face. Kay is certain whatever happened to Jenna recently must be the key to her death.

When forensics from the butterfly hair clip comes back, the fingerprints don’t match Jenna’s. Then Kay makes a breakthrough that turns her blood to ice. Jenna was in contact with someone linked to Kay’s own past—and the secret she has spent the last sixteen years burying. If the truth comes out, it could destroy her.

With the clock ticking, and every minute critical, Kay is up against the toughest case of her career. Can she risk everything to confront the past she has been running from, and save another innocent girl before it’s too late?




Being young should be great. You should be (almost) care free, doing good in school should be your only concern. Apart from that spending time with friends and family, falling in love, enjoying life to the fullest that should be on your agenda.

Sometime though it’s a different story. Being harsh is of all times. Even from a very young age, children are able to take what they want to have. Do they hurt someone in the process? They don’t really care. As long as number one has what number one wants. Of course, it’s about little things with younger children, but thing get really get out of hand later on.

This is Jenna’s story. She is about to experience this at first hand, unfortunately. Jenna is a happy young woman. She has friends to go out with, a loving family and she is full of life and smiles. Until one day she starts changing. Not only is her joie de vivre gone, but her appearance is fading away too. From once being a social butterfly, she turns into a moth…

What went on? What or who is making her life a living hell? Who started this and why? It’s bad, but it is about to get worse, at lot worse.

As I said in the beginning being a new adult should be the best time of your life. In reality it’s often fighting to be part of or stay in the popular group at school. It has always been like that, but before social media life was different. When I was at school (many years ago 😉 ) there were groups too, but we did not care so much about it. Nowadays when I see what happened when my son went to school, it’s a lot harder to fit in. The people around you can make or break you a lot faster and have methods handy to bully you like there is no tomorrow.

Social media is a great invention, but it can be a real cruel one too.

I had a couple of names in my head, as usual, but this time I saw I had pointed my finger in the right direction. Well, more or less anyway… 😉 So detectives Sharp and Young, if you need help the next time, you can always call me. LOL

Very intriguing story. I loved it. 5 stars

Thank you

About the Author

Leslie Wolfe is a bestselling author whose novels break the mold of traditional thrillers. She creates unforgettable, brilliant, strong women heroes who deliver fast-paced, satisfying suspense, backed up by extensive background research in science, technology, and psychology. Her engaging writing style and addictive story lines have made Leslie one of the most read authors in the genre.

Leslie Wolfe lives in Florida with her husband, “the Wolfe,” and their dog. She enjoys engaging with her readers every day, exchanging emails and Facebook postings.


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