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You can always trust your friends. Can’t you?Abi is starting a new chapter of her life. Her son is leaving for college, she has her dream job and she is finally ready to find love again after her relationship with her ex Cal has ended.Jo has been by Abi’s side for years. They’ve navigated all of life’s ups and downs together. Even when Abi betrayed Jo with Cal all those years ago, she forgave her and the three remain close.So when Abi starts dating again, Jo and Cal begin to spend more time together. But soon Jo receives threatening messages telling her to stay away from him. And when Abi comes to her terrified, clutching a note that says “I want your life,” it becomes clear that someone wants to cause the friends harm.Because in Jo and Abi’s close-knit circle someone has been living a lie for years and it’s about to come to light. But when it does, who will make it out alive?




You can have many acquaintances, but you only have a few good friends. The kind of friends you can count on each and every day. Those who will love you no matter what. Those you forgive you no matter what. Those you have your back no matter what.

But then that one question rises again: how well do you know them? They claim indeed to have your back, but are they really? Aren’t they lulling you into a false kind of security preparing your back for stabbing it, not once, twice but multiple times?

No, that is a thought that does not even cross your mind. That is something you read about in books. You went through so much together, you are convinced you are as solid as a rock.

Of course you sometimes disagree and argue, but the bond you have will never break. There are still certainties in life and this is one of them. No doubt about that.

Everything is going to plan, until it isn’t anymore…

This is the story of Abi(gail) and Jo(elle). Best friends who have become so close they consider themselves family tied together by Abi’s son, Rob with Jo being his godmother.

Something major has happened in the past and even though people say they have forgiven, it does not necessarily mean they have forgotten. Revenge seems to be the main course on the menu today…

I was totally captivated by this book. The author had my attention straight away and I loved the twisty road she created for the reader to follow.

Everybody makes mistakes, but some seem to be more difficult to digest… The liar lies to the liar, who lies to the liar, who lies to the liar,… 5 stars

Thank you


About the author

USA TODAY bestselling & multi-award winning author Nicola Marsh writes page-turning fiction to keep you up all night.

She has published 80 books, sold over 8 million copies worldwide and been translated into 25 languages.

She currently writes contemporary romance and domestic suspense. You can find some of her series romance under the pseudonym Nikki North.

A physiotherapist for 13 years, she now adores writing full time, raising her two dashing young heroes, sharing fine food with family and friends, barracking loudly for her beloved North Melbourne Kangaroos footy team, and her favourite, curling up with a good book!


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