Permission: Can your marriage survive if you’re both sleeping with other people? by Jo Bloom / #Extract #BlogTour @Legend_Times

Can your marriage survive if you’re both sleeping with other people?

After more than 20 years of marriage, Fay and Steve are happy enough, though life’s become routine and lacks excitement. Fay believes an open relationship could reignite the spark they’ve lost. But can sex ever just be sex?

Steve eventually agrees to the idea of sleeping with other people, but first they must set some ground rules; no sex with friends, no telling the kids, and a limit on how many times they can see the same person. Can their marriage survive non-monogamy – even if they have permission?




From Chapter 1

Fay and Steve are each struggling with a drunk person in their living room, only she is pulling Katie up and he is holding Matt back.
When Matt’s voice grows even angrier, Fay pushes Katie into the kitchen and quickly locks the door. Katie clutches a countertop, then slides to the floor with her back to a cupboard.
‘Hey, none of that,’ Fay hears Steve shout. ‘Come on, mate. Behave.’
Katie moans and tucks her lowered head into her arms as Fay steps over her to get to the sink. ‘I’ll only be a sec,’ she says, her hands trembling as she pours a glass of water.
The speed at which Katie and Matt’s relationship has disintegrated makes Fay feel vulnerable and scared for herself, like she might be passing by a terrible accident on the motorway. Part of her would like to ask them to go straight away, so they can sort themselves out in their own home, but something in her is also compelled to look. Irritatingly,
she hadn’t even felt like having people over this evening, but Katie kept dropping hints about having a free weekend and offered to make her mum’s jerk chicken if Fay did the rice.
And actually, it had been a fun evening until ten minutes ago.
The chat had been lively and Fay had drunk almost as much as the others, which she never normally did.
Fay crouches down next to Katie and hands her the glass.
‘Drink this.’
Katie bats it away. ‘I want red.’

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About the Author

Jo Bloom has worked as a freelancer in the communications field for over twenty years, with a focus on arts publicity and e-learning. She also contributed to the book review section of Time Out, London for several years. Prior to this, she lived and worked in Prague and New York. She now lives in Brighton with her partner and their son. 


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