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I grip my husband’s hand tight. The doctor is frowning. “Mr and Mrs Marcello… I’m so sorry.” She tells us there’s been a terrible mistake. Our last embryo—our last chance—was accidentally given to someone else. The child we made four years ago calls another woman “Mommy.”Quinn cries silent tears as she folds a tiny knitted cardigan, bought in a moment of hope, and packs it away. All she’s ever wanted is to be a mother. Although her husband James brings her comfort, the knowledge they have no embryos left, and that their child is out there being raised by another family, is tearing them both apart.When the lawyers tell them there’s a chance to get custody, James is unsure. But Quinn knows she has to take it: if only to look her little girl in the eyes, just once. Meeting Emily and the woman who raised her, Quinn’s heart cracks wide open. Emily looks just like Quinn, right down to her curly hair. And when the little girl flings her arms around Quinn’s waist, she can’t shake the feeling this is where Emily is meant to be.As the two families reckon with an unimaginable decision, a secret from James’ past surfaces… one that forces Quinn to question everything she thought she wanted. But how will they decide what’s right for the little girl they all love so dearly? And where does Emily truly belong?




Becoming a parent is easy. Well, for a lot of people it is. For some though it’s a battle. A battle against your own body, with the medical world on your side. It’s a struggle that can last a very long time and even than there are no guarantees. You might still end up without that so much wanted bundle of joy and time is running out.

One day it will be your last chance to become a parent. You keep everything crossed that this might be the day, until the doctor announces some very, very devasting news.

Your world is turned upside down and you are determined to fight. To fight for what is rightfully yours and has been taken from you, stolen.

I seriously would not know what it would do to me if I were in Quinten and James’ shoes. I admire them for not wallowing in their pain, but take action immediately.

Would I want my chid back? Of course. Who would not? The question is though would it be in the child’s best interest? Would it be a good idea to uproot them? To take them away from the only parents they have ever known, they have always counted on?

That’s something to think deep and hard about, but I do understand how Quinn and James felt.

I guess what is best for a child is to have as many people who love and care about them in their life.

In my opinion Quinn sometimes is a bit harsh when she talks about people with children. There is nothing wrong with a mother or a father taking a bit of me-time. It does not mean they love their children any less. It’s just a right you have, whether you have kids yes or no.

On the other hand her feelings are easily hurt when someone tells her she could not know something, because she has never been in that particular situation.

I am glad she realised what she was doing and I applaud her for how she dealt with everything in the end.

A very beautiful story with Connor and Liam being my favourite characters. 4 stars.

Thank you


About the author

Melissa Wiesner is a night-owl who began writing novels about five years ago when her early-to-bed family retired for the evening. In 2019, she won the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart® Award in the Mainstream Fiction Category for her first novel. Melissa holds two Master’s Degrees in Public Health and Community Agency Counseling. Her day job is in Social Work where she often encounters people knocked down by hard times but who pick themselves up and keep going, just like the characters of her novels. Melissa lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her charming husband and two adorable children.


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