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A Demon Hunter with a gift that becomes a curse. A Demon that hunts the hunter. A thrilling tale of darkness and vengeance for fans of the TV series ‘Supernatural’.

Drew Price has a gift, or perhaps a curse.

When a demon possesses a person, Drew can see the horrific-looking demon that dwells within. This ability has made him a demon hunter, armed with the one weapon that can send these fiends back to Hell; the demon dagger.

A demon named Nicobar sets its sights on punishing this hunter. It starts by taking the soul of Drew’s son, condemning the boy to life as a psychopath.

This fast-paced, chilling novel follows Drew’s attempt to save his son’s soul and then use the blade to end Nicobar’s time on Earth.




Just before he entered his son Kenny’s room, a small demon leapt out into the hallway with a roar. Drew froze and his heart skipped a beat.

It was actually Kenny, wearing a mask that was far too close a resemblance to Drew’s childhood demon visions than he’d like. The mask was long, ending in a pointed chin, with two horns atop the head and a pointed nose. The skin was painted in varying shades of red and black.

He hadn’t encountered a demon since his last meeting with Lincoln decades ago. He’d tried to press the whole experience, the knowledge of his so-called gift of demon sight as far from his consciousness as possible. He was finally at the point where he could go weeks without remembering the world of demons really existed, until something like his son’s costume reminded him.

The sight of the mask sent a hurricane of emotions roaring inside him. Fear, anger, loss. A flurry of horrific memories flashed through his mind, broken free from the place he’d mentally sequestered them.

But what really chilled him to the core was the awful juxtaposition of the mask’s monstrous face on his beautiful little son.

“No!” he screamed. Without thinking, he pulled the mask from his son’s face and threw it down the hall.

That action revealed the tiny face of his son, with round rosy cheeks and a shock of white-blonde hair. His blue eyes radiated youthful excitement.

But in the split-second it took Kenny to process what his father had just done, all that changed. Fear filled the boy’s eyes. His mouth gaped open. His face flushed red.

Kenny screamed. Tears rolled down his face and he bolted back into his bedroom.

Drew was emotionally gut punched. He couldn’t believe what he’d just done.

“What the hell did you do?”

Drew turned to see a furious Anna standing behind him.

There was no way to explain his reaction. He’d never told her anything about that early part of his life, about demons and death and a part of the world he wished he’d never learned about. He’d never told anyone.

“Kenny,” Drew said, “he startled me.”

“Startled? You’re a deputy. How can a four-foot-tall little boy scare you?”

She pushed past him and entered Kenny’s room. The boy’s crying echoed in the hallway. She shut the door behind her.

He went to the closed door and listened. Inside the room, his wife comforted his weeping son.

“Daddy didn’t mean to frighten you,” Anna cooed. “You were just so scary in your Halloween costume.”

Scary as hell, Drew thought. Almost literally.

He’d be able to apologize to them both, but never explain his reaction. In the same way, he’d never explained his disgust for Halloween, the season that made light of a demonic world he knew to be all too true.

At least contact with that world had stopped since Lincoln’s death. He didn’t have to deal with demons, just their memories. He had twelve months to reinter those recollections in the mental mausoleum he’d created for them before he had to again face this stupid celebration. Tonight, he’d try to make things right with his family.

He went back to the kitchen and checked the pasta. The stove was still on and most of the water was gone from the pot. He turned off the stove. Anything left simmering too long eventually boiled away the water and caught fire.

He didn’t like the analogy

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About the Author

Russell James grew up on Long Island, New York and spent too much time watching late night horror.

After flying helicopters with the U.S. Army and a career as a technical writer, he now spins twisted tales best read in daylight, including horror thrillers Dark Inspiration, Q Island, and The Playing Card Killer.

He authored the Grant Coleman Adventures series starting with Cavern of the Damned and the Ranger Kathy West series starting with Claws.

He resides in sunny Florida. His wife reads his work, rolls her eyes, and says “There is something seriously wrong with you.”


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