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Nikki Hunt #6

The girl’s pretty face was relaxed, snowflakes settling on her cheeks as they began to fall over the quiet frozen lake where she’d been found. She could have been sleeping… but her empty eyes and the blooming bruises around her neck told a different story…When Special Agent Nikki Hunt receives a call on Christmas Day, she knows it can’t be good news. Seventeen-year-old missing teenager Kesha Williams has at last been found… her body floating in an icy forest lake, miles from her hometown.As Nikki rushes to the scene, she’s chilled to see the past repeating itself. Kesha disappeared from the mall where Nikki’s own little girl was targeted the year before. With Kesha’s grieving parents desperate for answers and the media out for blood, Nikki promises she’ll find Kesha’s killer no matter what it takes.Local police are convinced it was Kesha’s boyfriend, who was spotted disappearing from security cameras that day at the mall, but Nikki isn’t so sure. The dense marshes and unstable ground around the crime scene mean it’s nearly inaccessible from the road. Whoever took Kesha is a local, and this probably isn’t his first kill.Nikki’s worst fears are confirmed when the team find another grave on the shore – a second teenage girl, her body wound in a brightly coloured beach towel. Suddenly on the hunt for a serial killer, Nikki knows that an early break is the key to solving this case. But as the body count rises, will Nikki be able to find Kesha’s killer… or will he find her first?




Sometimes people move from the city to a village or a smaller town, because of the lower crime rates. It is true that it feels a lot safer when there are less people around or where neighbours look out for each other, but please be careful where you move to. If you pick one where, for example, Nikki Hunt operates, you’d better think twice and start looking again. Some detectives seem to attract the baddies…

On the other hand though, they always catch them, so maybe you can feel safe there. Hmm, something to think about. 😊

So, yes, Nikki is hunting another killer, but the murderer is very interested in her too. Will she unmask them before they do what they do best: kidnapping and killing…

The recurrent characters are very lovable and lovable characters turn good books into great books.

As per usual my braincells were working overtime, trying to figure out who the culprit was. There are characters where you immediately think: yes, they are not very kosher, but they are not a killer, in my opinion. Others though are perfectly respectable and are not on your radar at all. Sometimes there is someone you don’t feel comfortable with from the moment you virtually clap eyes on them.

I pointed my finger on someone and happy dance, I won the jackpot. I am curious to find out whether you had the same inkling.

I have loved the 5 previous books starring Agent Hunt and I loved this one too. I cannot wait to find out where Nikki’s next case will take her. 5 stars

.Thank you


About the author

Stacy Green is a USA Today best-selling author of more than a dozen mysteries and thrillers. Her books include the award-winning Lucy Kendall series, the Cage Foster series, and the USA Today best-selling Nikki Hunt series. Stacy has bachelor’s degrees in Journalism/Mass Communication and Sociology from Drake University. She’s a member of Sisters in Crime, International Thriller Writers, and Mystery Writers of America.

Stacy lives in Iowa with her husband, daughter, and fur babies. 


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