Hoglets’ Birthday Surprise by Lynette Creswell / #Review #PublicationDay @creswelllyn

It’s the Summer holidays!

Hoglets, Prickles and Primrose are busy exploring when they stumble across… a witch!

Terrified she’ll eat them for breakfast, the hoglets prepare to escape but soon realise the witch isn’t scary at all.

Willow the witch is lonely and in need of a friend.

Can the hoglets hep her?




I had the honor of reading the first book about these lovely siblings and I was very pleased to see the author decided to write a second story starring Primrose and Prickles.

Last time they were enjoying Christmas. This time they are enjoying the summer holidays and always looking for an adventure. 

They startle when they suddenly see a house they have never seen before and they cannot believe their eyes when they see who lives there… a witch. Fearing for their life they want to run away, but Willow the witch is very friendly, but very sad too. 

She has met other neighbours. Do you want to find out whether those meetings went as smoothly as the one with the hoglets? Do you want to know why Willow is sad? Do you want to know whose birthday party you are invited too? You won’t get those answers from me. 🙂 

The only thing you have to do, is to get yourself a copy. It’s a great and cute story for young children to read for themselves or for parents or grand parents to read to them. The illustrations are vibrant and very inviting, the colors are beautiful and the story will make your heart melt.

It was nice being reunited with the hoglets. I wonder which adventure is waiting around the corner.

5 stars 

Thank you


About the Author

Lynette was born in London, but raised in Burnley, Lancashire. From the tender age of five she lived with her grandmother who gave her books to keep her quiet. Lynette found she had a passion for reading and started writing once she began school.
Lynette’s inspiration came from childhood books written by Enid Blyton. The Enchanted Wood and The Faraway Tree were her first taste of fantasy. In adulthood, Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Series captured her own vivid imagination.
Her first novel Sinners of Magic won her acclaim and the story soon turned into a trilogy. With readers begging for more Lynette ended the series with a spin off story featuring a windigo.
Wishing to be a multi-genre author, Lynette turned her pen to romance. Her two novels: Cracks in the Glass and Two Kinds of Truth were a huge hit with readers.
Returning to her love of short story writing, Lynette entered the 2019 SWWJ (Society of Women Writers and Journalists) competition. A Slice of Cake – a light-hearted story about her five year old granddaughter came runner up.
In 2020 Lynette launched a compilation of short stories. Most having won popular writing competitions.
Later this year, Lynette is breaking out of her comfort zone with the release of her new children’s book. Hoglets’ Christmas Magic is a delightful tale starring two adorable hedgehogs. The book is due for publication 28th August by White Rabbit Books.
Lynette lives in North East Lincolnshire with her husband. All her grandchildren are the apple of her eye.


Author Link

Website: https://lynetteswebsiteblog.com/



Book Link

Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0BJQSQHP3/


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