All the Courage We Have Found by Carly Schabowski / #Spotlight #PublicationDay @bookouture @carlyschab11

She checked her watch –she had just three minutes. Then came the beep of morse code in her headset. With quick fingers she tapped out the message, her heart beating fast in her chest, sweat collecting at the nape of her neck…

France, 1942: When Kasia is told she will be smuggled out of Poland to work as a radio operator with a French Resistance group, she plans to make the dangerous journey across the border alone. But when she meets a mute girl who she names Elodie, in a ghetto in Warsaw on the eve of her departure, she reminds Kasia so strongly of someone she loved – with one brown eye, and one green – that she knows she can’t leave her behind, no matter the risk…

Arriving in France, Kasia and Elodie are housed in a farmhouse with Hugo, an unwilling member of the Resistance. But as they share whispered candlelit conversations, Hugo begins to realise how brave and courageous Kasia’s work is, and the pair grow closer.

But Kasia’s work as a radio operator is becoming more dangerous by the day as the Germans get closer to locating her signal. And as she creeps out of the farmhouse in the dead of night to send an urgent message, she knows the radio might bring the Germans terrifyingly close, perhaps even to the front door of her new home, to Hugo and Elodie…



About the author

Carly is the USA Today bestseller of historical fiction novels The Ringmaster’s Daughter, The Watchmaker of Dachau, The Rainbow and The Note.

She lives in a tiny cottage in Oxfordshire,  with barely enough room to swing a cat. Yet, she has managed to dwell in such a hobbit-type abode for some years with her two dogs, who keep her company as she reads, writes, eats chips, and drinks the occasional gin.

Her interest in WWII history spans from a familial connection, and inspired her to complete a PhD regarding the author’s responsibility to historical fiction. Whilst an achievement, she gained 20 lbs, and became a hermit. 


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Twitter: @carlyschab11



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