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Detective Josie Quinn #16

Candles are lit and their rich vanilla scent twists its way through the cabin. The table is set for a romantic anniversary dinner with fresh roses dropping crimson petals on crisp white linen. But the woman seated at the table is cold to the touch, and there’s blood trickling down her neck…When Denton’s most loved TV presenter returns home to find his wife dead at the dining table, it shatters the close-knit community. Beautiful and absolutely besotted with each other, Beau and Claudia Collins were idolized for being the perfect couple. But the devastating scene Detective Josie Quinn finds in their remote hideaway has her asking what dark secrets lurk beneath the surface of this seemingly flawless marriage?Beau is grief-stricken by the loss of his kind-hearted wife who gave so much to others as a therapist, but Josie needs to know the significance of the small wooden puzzle box found clutched in Claudia’s hand. A prop in a popular game Beau played with his viewers to test the strength of their relationships, is it a twisted calling card, or a challenge from the killer?The broken body of one of Beau and Claudia’s assistants is found the next day, a matching little box left in the dirt beside her. It’s clear that if Beau doesn’t start telling the truth about the flaws in his marriage, those dearest to him will die.Caught in a cat and mouse chase with disturbing revelations and a mounting body count at every turn, Josie and her team work night and day to keep Beau’s loved ones safe. What kind of calculating monster would do this? A faded newspaper article about a tragic accident is the break Josie desperately needs. But she may already be too late, an innocent child is in danger…




Josie Quinn + a new case = clearing everything I have on my to do list for that moment, because the book not only needs, but deserves my full attention.

It’s weird isn’t it, how you can relate to fictional people. Because the author gives us information about their private life, it feels like they come to life. You see them as a real people, friends even and your heart goes out to them. With every smile, you smile with them. With every tear, you cry with them. With every downfall, you want to have their back and with every good thing that happens, you are cheering them on. 

The author creates new characters, good ones as bad ones in every story, but sometimes a ghost from the past turns up again which can lead to painful memories being brought to the surface again.

But no matter what, when or how, Josie Quinn pushes forward. Lies and deceit? She sees through them and will put the liars and cheaters in their place, while she is a detective in shining armor. Sometimes her life is being threatened, but she does not give up. She fights and fights back. No baddie who can bring her down.

In my opinion this case was a very complicated for the police to figure out and this of course adds to the reading pleasure. So, yes, my conclusion has to be the same once again when reviewing a Josie Quinn book. It was simply excellent and drove me mad trying to figure out the outcome all by myself. Thank God for Josie who is always there to lend me a helping hand. 🙂  5 stars

Thank you


About the author

Lisa Regan is the USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Detective Josie Quinn series. Lisa is a member of Sisters In Crime, International Thriller Writers, and Mystery Writers of America. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Master of Education Degree from Bloomsburg University. She lives near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the U.S. with her husband and daughter and Boston Terrier named Mr. Phillip.


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