A Heart Lighter Than A Feather by Salma Yusuf / #Spotlight @fly_press @kenyon_isabelle

A Heart Lighter Than a Feather takes the reader into a deep inner journey by contemplating about their lives.

✓It’s a contemplative poem which takes the reader beyond everyday thinking mind.

These poems call the readers to go within and find their truth. 

  • To see infinity in totally different lenses.
  • And appreciate life by looking deep into the purpose of creation.

It’s a soulful collection that addresses the soul and it’s needed to express beyond our physical reality.

This book talks also about the importance of the heart.

♥ By listening to the heart, reader can open to unlimited potentialities within themselves.



About the Author

Salma Yusuf is a poet who is used to looking at life through a different lens, literally. Her studies in science morphology mean she’s been looking at cells under a microscope for a long time. Looking at life on a deeper level and finding connection finding connections between science, nature and faith prompted her to look inward with the same perspective. Once she viewed herself in a new light, taking up meditation and yoga, her inner light shone brighter than ever, and she could finally see it. Her poetry brings words to the light in all of us and speaks to the human spirit, our grit and determination, our unwillingness to give up, and everything that makes us perfectly imperfect.

Salma currently lives in Manchester, UK. As a woman from an African background, she’s faced many struggles throughout her life, but none she couldn’t overcome. She’s still fighting, proving that she’s limitless in every aspect of her life. She hopes to help others wake their divinity and love within themselves. After all, she knows that life is a journey, and our inner light can guide us through the darkest moments.



Book Link

Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Heart-Lighter-Than-Feather-ebook/dp/B0BNZHKSBG/




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