The Thresher Ghost by Spencer Compton / #Spotlight

Los Angeles, 1962. Dr. Wiley McCoy has a successful medical practice, movie-star good looks, and a substance abuse problem. When a young woman dies on his operating table, his life and career are destroyed. Romulo DaVinci is a conniving Voodoo shaman with supernatural powers to resurrect the dead. The disgraced doctor and the medical adventurer are thrown together on a gonzo journey through the seminal events of the 1960’s including the JFK assassination, the Apollo moon landing, and the Manson killings. Along the way, they commandeer a U.S. nuclear submarine and encounter real-life characters from bonkers plutocrat Howard Hughes to ruthless Haitian leader Papa Doc Duvalier.
The Thresher Ghost is a carnival ride through a tumultuous decade—its music, its conspiracies, and its scandals—as McCoy and DaVinci cross oceans and medical boundaries in a duel between science and magic.



About the Author

Spencer Compton was raised in New York City.  He spent the summer of 1969 working as a bartender at London’s Chelsea Drugstore where he watched the Apollo moon landing alongside cheering patrons. After graduating from NYU Film School, he made independent feature films and music videos and was a screenwriter on the cult classic Cocaine Cowboys starring Andy Warhol and Jack Palance. He then went to law school and became a real estate attorney. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.



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