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As mothers we never dare to delve into our worst-nightmare scenarios. What if… we might murmur to each other, and then shake our heads, telling ourselves it’ll never happen to us if we’re just good enough mothers. Yet here we are. And the steady beep of the heart monitor is the only evidence the child in front of us is alive…It’s Labor Day weekend, so of course we went to the beach. Like we do every year. For a barbecue picnic with my best friend Rose. It’s the perfect tradition—drinks, games, burgers, music, laughter. Together with our husbands, my two teenage sons and her two daughters, we all arrived as the sun was still shimmering over the water, the whole evening ahead of us.But nothing goes to plan. Old secrets emerge, tempers flare. And so we parents decide to leave the beach, telling the teenagers to enjoy themselves, reassuring them someone will be back to collect them in an hour or two.But when I return a little while later, I know something is really wrong. Our teens are slurring their words, stumbling to the car. It’s clear they have been drinking and I’m shocked. I never expected our kids to behave this way. I’m bracing myself to have firm words with them in the morning, but the next day my concerns fade to nothing, when seventeen-year-old Bella claims my son Finn assaulted her.Finn insists he would never do that. And I so want to believe him. Because I brought my son up right. Because a mother would know, wouldn’t she?What I don’t know is that the answer to what happened that night on the beach may be a matter of life and death for one of our beloved children…




There are different ways and reasons for becoming good friends or even best friends with someone. It can be trough your job, a mutual friend, a hobby or your child. It a wonderful thing to have that one person to share everything with and it is even greater when your husbands like each other too. Isn’t is wonderful to see how the babies that brought you together are becoming firm friends as well. Live is wonderful. You don’t need to see each other every day, but knowing there is someone to have your back, is more than enough.

Years go by and you keep certain traditions alive. Are there cracks showing though? You behave as if they are not there, but when you are honest with yourself, you know the end of an era is near.

You are determined to make this one a memorable and a memorable one it was to say the least…

I seem to be on a roll at the moment because once more I had figured one of the main things out. I still had doubts somewhere, but I was very pleased to see I was right. 🙂

It was a  story filled with emotions/ A story about you wanting people to believe you, about doing the right thing even though you do not really know what that is. It is about admitting you were wrong, but were you?

|Who is telling the truth? Who is to blame? What will happen to that once solid friendship?

I loved this book.  5 stars

Thank you


About the author

Kate Hewitt is the author of many romance and women’s fiction novels. A former New Yorker and now an American ex-pat, she lives in a small town on the Welsh border with her husband, five children, and their overly affectionate Golden Retriever. Whatever the genre, she enjoys telling stories that tackle real issues and touch people’s lives. 


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